4 Signs that it’s Time to Clean Your Oven

As most are probably well aware, ovens need to be cleaned regularly in order to maintain optimal functionality and to avoid a number of unpleasant side effects. However, whilst this knowledge may be at the forefront of most homeowners’ minds, some may not be able to identify all of those tell tale signs that something is amiss.

So, to give you a better idea of what you should be looking out for with your own oven, here are four clear indications that it’s time for a clean.

Loss of Heat or Functionality

Over time you may notice that your oven takes longer to warm up and may even be unable to reach the maximum temperature. Whilst this can be indicative of fundamental issues with the appliance, it could also highlight the fact that grease and grime has penetrated the working parts – including the fan.

Before you decide to throw out your oven and buy a newer model, make sure you consider giving it a comprehensive clean. This may unblock certain issues and leave you with an appliance that works just like new.

Dark Smoke

One of the more obvious issues that will often arise whenever you’ve forgotten to clean your oven for a while will make its presence felt every time you have the misfortune of opening the door.  If you’re met with a wall of smoke, then there’s a good chance that grease and dirt are the culprits.

Spillages are an unfortunate by-product of cooking. Fat can spit all over the inside of your oven too, creating a near invisible layer of grease. Therefore, without regular cleaning, it’s easy for this to build up and cause issues – including smoke.

Unpleasant Smells

Another issue that you may encounter as a result of this accumulated detritus is a rather unpleasant smell. Once it builds up and is then heated, this can cause an odour to be emitted, which can make the kitchen a no-go zone. Obviously it will take time to get to this kind of level, but you should still keep an eye on things, or, more accurately, a nose.

Remember, these odours can be a sign of bacteria building up, particularly if the oven goes unused for a significant period of time. So it is worth making sure that your oven is cleaned and all grime is removed from the surfaces.

Visible Grime

This brings us nicely on to the final sign, which is when you can actually see the accumulation of dirt. Whether this is through a muddied window or small mounds of detritus at the bottom of the oven, as soon as you begin noticing that this has gone from a few spillages to a major pile-up, it’s time to take action.

So if you’ve left your oven cleaning for a while and are in need of a major spruce up, make sure you get it done as soon as possible. Even if you don’t have the time to take care of it personally, you can always choose a professional cleaning service such as the one we offer here at Ovenu.