4 Tough and Nasty Challenges of DIY Oven Cleaning

OvenuLet’s be honest, none of us wake up in the morning and jump for joy at the prospect of having to clean our ovens. However, it is a necessary household task which must be completed regularly.

Most of us love to hate this chore and taking on the challenge of DIY oven cleaning can present many obstacles which can make a tough job even tougher.

So, let’s take a look at some of the challenges:

1. Time Consuming

It is not just a case of a quick wipe and you’re done, cleaning your oven properly takes far longer than a swift ten minutes in between your daily activities.

Fully cleaning your oven can take hours, which can make it tricky when it comes to fitting this time in around work patterns, family life and other housework.

2. Removing Difficult Stains

If you invest in a new oven, you will want it to look as good as new each and every time you clean it.

Getting your oven sparkling clean is something we all want, but sometimes achieving this is difficult with tough stains, such as burnt cheese and fats, which are extremely difficult to remove.

No matter how hard you scrub or how thoroughly you try and remove stains, getting your oven looking like new is a gruelling challenge.

3. Choosing the Right Cleaning Products

There are endless amounts of oven cleaning products available and at times it can be confusing to know which one is most suitable for the task at hand.

Not only do you need to pick the right product for the job, you also need to be aware of the potential damage that the chemicals contained in some products can cause.

The chemicals found in some products can lead to damage to your oven exterior and also cause burns when they come into contact with the skin and eyes. A product that is caustic free is your best option in this instance.

If you do opt for a cleaning product that contains traces of caustic soda, ensure you keep your home well ventilated to avoid breathing in the chemicals.

4. Cleaning Those Hard to Reach Areas

Whether it’s tricky corners, grills or the back of the oven, there are a number of hard to reach areas which must be addressed if you want to achieve a sparkling clean oven.

Cleaning an oven properly is almost impossible without removing certain sections, getting to those awkward areas and dismantling it – a troublesome task for many people including the elderly.


There are countless reasons why DIY oven cleaning is a tough and tedious job.

As well as being a fire and health hazard, an unclean oven can also lead to an increase in energy bills.

An unclean oven also impacts upon the quality of the food you cook. Why spend valuable time slaving away to prepare a nutritious meal if an unclean oven affects the quality of the taste?

By using Ovenu’s professional oven cleaning serviceyou eliminate the stress, time and challenges involved in taking on a DIY oven clean.

Using the right products, the right tools and expertise, Ovenu’s professional oven cleaning service can work wonders for your oven.

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