5 Reasons to get the Oven Cleaned after Christmas

This is the time of year we love. We get to spend quality time with our friends and family, enjoying their company, sharing gifts and perhaps most importantly, indulging in the mountains of food and drink. For some, it is the good, home-cooked food that they love, and as a result, your oven will no doubt be put to good use during the Christmas period.

When you think about all the Christmas parties you’ll be hosting, as well as the holidays itself including the big day, you can see just how much your oven will be used. Whilst you may not have time get your oven cleaned before or during Christmas, be sure to get it cleaned in the New Year, and here’s why we recommend a professional oven cleaning service:

Improve your oven’s hygiene

Ask anyone why they regularly clean their ovens and one of the main reasons they will tell you is that a clean oven is a hygienic one. Many believe that the heat generated in the oven will burn off any bacteria or grime gathered from spillages when using the oven to cook. This is simply untrue as the more grime that builds up, the more vulnerable your oven will be to bacteria build up. Also as more grime accumulates, the less effective your oven will be at cooking, meaning your food may not be cooked thoroughly and putting you and your family at risk of illness.

Save money on your bills with a clean oven

As mentioned above, with a build up of grease and grime, the less effective your oven will be at doing its job. This may mean having to cook for longer periods of time, or use more gas and electricity, just to have the desired effect. In the long run, this will cost you more in bills.

A clean oven = more effective cooking

We’ve touched on ensuring your oven is clean to be more effective when cooking, especially for hygiene reasons. However, more effective cooking also means improving the quality, the taste and the overall experience for those consuming it. You’ll be able to judge the timings more accurately, and hence cook the food more effectively than having to account for a slower cooker thanks to the build up of grease and grime.

Don’t sacrifice the taste of your food!

More effective cooking means improving the taste of your food, but in addition, the removal of burnt food and spillages stuck on the inside of the oven will also aid in making your food taste a lot better. When burnt food is further cooked (and burnt) it generates a lot of smoke, leaving your food with a harsh, bitter and burnt taste.

Save yourself some time

Cleaning your oven will save you time in the long run. Many people will put off thoroughly cleaning their oven based on the time it takes. However, there are ways to get around this. Using an oven cleaning service means that a professional oven cleaner can do the hard work for you, leaving you do spend your time as you wish (and enjoy the delights of a super clean oven afterwards too).

So you see there are many reasons why you should get your oven cleaned after the busy Christmas period. Kick off next year in style and get some sparkle back into your oven. Why not make a start by finding your closest Ovenu branch?