5 Unusual Oven Cleaning Techniques

Cleaning an OvenFinding the resources with which to clean your oven can often be a real pain. Store bought commercial cleaners often contain harmful chemicals, and constantly running the cycle on self-cleaning ovens can often lead to disaster – so what are the alternatives?

If you’re looking to give your oven a thorough cleaning, the materials you need may be closer to home than you think.

Here are five unusual cleaning techniques based around household items you can use to clean your oven:

1. Ammonia

Depending on whom you ask, this cleaning method is either really well-known or incredibly obscure; but either way it’s well worth including here.

After cooking a meal, wait until your oven has cooled, then pour half a cup of full-strength ammonia into a glass dish and place it on a rack.

Remember: Ammonia is hazardous, so be very careful when handling it. Be sure to use gloves and to keep the area well ventilated.

Leave the bowl in the oven for at least 24 hours and the ammonia will work its magic, making the grease and grime inside the oven much easier to scrub away.

When it comes to cleaning the racks, it’s best to clean them outside. Pour ammonia into a bin bag and place the oven racks inside. Tie it up and let the whole bundle sit outside overnight. The oven racks will be just as easy to wipe down as the oven in the morning.

2. Vodka

Vodka has many more uses other than being some people’s tipple of choice. It also has some remarkable cleaning properties.

You can dab a tissue or cloth in vodka and use it to shine chrome and glass. It’s great for sprucing up dull looking ovens, but it will of course work a lot better if your appliance is already clean.

3. Tin foil

This is less of a cleaning tip and more of a protective precaution. You can shield the insides of your oven from stray food and spillages by putting a sheet of tinfoil on the rack underneath anything that might bubble over onto the oven floor.

Be very careful though; don’t lay any foil on the actual oven floor, as it may cause a build-up of heat that could damage your appliance. With the tinfoil on the rack under whatever you’re cooking, you’ll be able to just scrunch it and chuck it out once your food is ready.

4. SaltSalt

Don’t test us on this, but apparently sprinkling salt on the fresh food spillages inside your oven just after you’ve finished cooking makes them much easier to scrape off later. It’s a simple trick that saves you going to a tonne of trouble to remove stains later on.

5. Baking Soda

To make the stainless steel on your oven really shine, try coating it with a paste-like mixture of baking soda and water. Leave the paste on the oven for a little bit then wipe away. The grease and grime should come right off.

Bonus Tip:

To easily clean your microwave try placing a handful of wet paper towels inside and running it on a high heat for a few minutes. The steam will soften all the grime inside, meaning that once they cool down, the paper towels can be used to easily wipe clean the oven’s interior.

As great as these cleaning techniques and tip are, nothing can beat the quality valeting service available from Ovenu. Try as you might, there are still going to be many parts of your oven that you just won’t be able to clean unless you’re a trained professional. Our friendly technicians are qualified to clean every single part of your appliance, offering a spectacular service that will leave you appliance looking like-new.

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