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Domestic Oven Cleaners, Cooker and Hob Cleaning Services

The Number One Oven Cleaning Solution For All Cooking Appliances

A domestic oven takes a lot of flak through everyday use. Constant high temperatures, bubbling grease and dripping fat can leave your cooker caked in dirt and grime.

A clear oven window through which to monitor your food can quickly become murky and impossible to see through. The shine that once gleamed from your hob can fade faster than the time it takes your food to cook, and oven racks become coated in carbon very quickly after use.

We are specialist domestic oven cleaners, offering deep cleaning services, making for the ideal solution to restore your oven to ‘like new’ condition.

Of course it wouldn’t matter so much if all this wasn’t incredibly difficult to remove. You could waste hours scrubbing away at those stains but no matter how hard you try, your oven may never seem to look as good as it used to.

That’s where Ovenu can help. Our specialised hob cleaning service is the ideal solution to restore your oven to ‘like new’ condition. All our skilled technicians are fully trained to valet all makes and models of kitchen cooking appliances, including hobs, extractor hoods and microwave ovens.

When you contact Ovenu for your free oven cleaning quotation, our knowledgeable and friendly experts will ask you a series of questions. This will help them gather the necessary details and determine the type of appliance you need cleaned so that they can provide you with a firm quote. This way, no matter what kind of oven you have, our technicians will be ready to perform at their very best.

Freestanding Ovens

Freestanding OvensCooking appliances can come in all shapes and sizes. Traditional cookers and ovens that sit directly on the kitchen floor are classed as ‘Freestanding’. Although these appliances are often fitted neatly between two kitchen units, they’re not actually built into the units themselves and could, if needs be, be pulled forwards to be given a more complete clean. All ‘Freestanding’ ovens and cookers have the hob as an integral feature.


Oven GrillsOvens will also include a grill, either at eye-level, in a separate section or as an element in the top of the main/secondary oven.

Our oven cleaning experts will take the upmost care to ensure that every feature of your appliance is valeted with the highest attention to detail, so that even the areas you don’t commonly notice are cleaned thoroughly.

Microwave Ovens

Microwave Oven CleaningOur unique and environmentally friendly products are also designed to clean microwave ovens beautifully. We have the technical expertise to cope with all makes and models whether a ‘standard’ microwave or a ‘combination’ microwave oven/grill.

Built-in Ovens

Built in Oven CleaningOvens and microwaves that are integrated into cupboards are described as ‘built-in’. With either one door or two, these ‘built-in’ appliances could be at eye level, but are also known to be situated under the counter. Whether your appliance is ‘built-in’ or not, all our technicians are highly trained to ISO standards and will work with a smile whilst they produce immaculate results.


Gas hob cleaningIf your oven is ‘built-in’ there will generally be a separate hob that sits in the worktop. Our bespoke cleaning products will produce superb results on all hob types including gas, electric, ceramic and halogen.

So whether it’s because of the grimy rings round your hob plates or the stained components of your gas hob, if you want your appliance looking spotlessly clean, why not ask for your hob to be included in our all-inclusive quotation?

Extractor Hood

Extractor Hood CleaningIn most cases, above your hob will be an extractor hood. Designed to extract or re-circulate air, it is in their very nature to collect grease, and they will eventually need a comprehensive deep clean. Ask your local Ovenu expert for their opinion on the condition of your extractor hood either on the phone or whilst at your home. They’ll be able to tell you whether any of your appliances are in need of a deep clean. They may also be able to provide you with suggestions for replacement parts, such as a new filter replacement to keep your hood working at maximum efficiency.

In all cases, our experts will help you to explain exactly which type of appliances you have so that your all-inclusive quotation is as accurate as possible. This will also ensure that sufficient time is allocated so that our technicians can produce the outstanding results we know you’ll expect.

Call your local oven cleaning service free today on 0800 140 9800 or contact Ovenu directly via our online contact form.