About Rik Hellewell

Rik has over 25 years of business experience in the oven cleaning sector, with 10 years spent getting his hands dirty running his own local oven cleaning territory.

After spending over a decade working in the carpet and upholstery business, Rik developed the Ovenu concept in 1993 after getting inspiration from a New Zealand based business and cleaned his first oven in 1994. He proved the business’ potential over the course of five years and then launched Ovenu Franchising Limited in 1999. By 2003 he had cleaned over 4,000 ovens whilst recruiting and managing the Franchise network.

Since launching the Franchising business, Rik has helped start over 120 successful oven cleaning businesses both in the UK and abroad. In Australia, a franchise network of over 30 oven cleaners is flourishing, whilst in the USA, an adapted version of the business has led to over 220 more businesses taking off.

Rik has remained Managing Director of the business from its humble beginnings to its current globe-trotting success and has no plans of stepping down any time soon.

He has been quoted or mentioned by many online and offline publications including Elite Franchise, The Wokingham Paper, Business Franchise, The Northern Echo, Bracknell News, Franchise Local, Real Homes, The Marketing Blog, Franchise Sales, What Franchise, Bailiwick Express, Solihull Observer, Franchise Supermarket, Entirely Marketing, Mearns Leader, Entirely Wales, Warrington Worldwide, Ideal Home, NEConnected, Which Franchise, Entirely South East

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