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Ovenu Recommended Modern AGA Alternatives

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Ovenu Recommended Modern AGA Alternatives

As experienced oven-cleaning technicians, we often talk to clients who are thinking about replacing their old AGA cooker. Although its old-world charm and unwavering reliability are unrivalled, the high gas bills and unwanted heat supply in summer can turn into too much of an inconvenience for this day and age. If you’re looking for a modern AGA alternative, we’ve got some options for you.

What are AGA Ovens?

AGAs are classic appliances that add a traditional feel to any kitchen space. They’re useful for cooking all kinds of food and are often used for heating up your kitchen. They are a continual source of heat, with a heavy cast-iron frame that absorbs the heat from a low-intensity source.

The heat is then transferred to the different areas of the AGA, such as the simmering plate, boilerplate, simmering oven, roasting oven and baking oven. There are no temperate controls on traditional AGA ranges. As the oven is always on, it is often used as a heat source for the home, keeping the kitchen and nearby rooms toasty warm.

Do AGA cookers still exist?

You can still buy traditional AGAs online, however, times have changed and there are newer, more modern alternatives to the cast-iron radiant heating system. AGA themselves offer both traditional AGA cookers, as well as modified, modern alternatives. We’ve also included a range of other AGA alternatives to suit your budget, style and configuration needs.

How long do AGA cookers last?

With proper maintenanceAGAs can last for up to 50 years, but because there are so many components to consider, it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to cleaning. This can take time, and also mean your oven must be switched off, cooled and cleaned before you can cook again.

AGA’s can only last this long if properly used, cleaned and maintained throughout the years. If you already have an AGA and need professional AGA cleaning, we’ve got you covered. All of our experts are experienced in a range of oven cleaning and can offer an oven cleaning service that brings your AGA back to life.

The Best AGA Cooker Alternatives:

Though the AGA’s one-of-a-kind character may seem irreplaceable, there are modern alternatives out there which allow a more flexible and efficient use of energy whilst maintaining that homely heritage flavour that complements the traditional kitchen. Many of these models are owned by the AGA Rangemaster brand, guaranteeing that you’ll never need to compromise on quality.

If you’re looking for a superior successor to your traditional, classic AGA, consider the following options, selected by our team of oven experts.

The Mercury Range Cooker AGA cooker alternative

This is a conventional quality range AGA alternative cooker that is revered within the Industry. Stylishly designed, this AGA alternative is high quality as it offers users a versatile cooker that performs all the tasks that a classic AGA does.

Price range: £4000 +

Available colours: Black, cream, white


  • It Makes use of 90% of available heat compared to that of 55% used by gas burners.
  • Includes nine power settings, providing flexibility to cater for all types of cooking, including low temperatures and simmering
  • Each zone offers boost functionality, so maximum temperature can be reached quickly
  • Offers a pan detection function, this recognises when a pan is placed on to one of the cooking zones, and switches the heat off when removed


  • On the more expensive side compared to the other AGA alternatives
  • Classic gas hobs are not as easy to clean compared to induction hobs
  • Less colour choice than other AGA cooker alternatives on this list

The Redfyre Electric AGA cooker alternative

Featuring the same cast-iron framework as the old familiar AGA, The Redfyre Electric might be deceiving in its nostalgic appearance: below the surface lies a highly energy-efficient, state-of-the art cooking mechanism.

Instead of the traditional cast-iron hotplates, the Redfyre Electric features two High Lite electric infrared hobs beneath a resilient glass-ceramic surface, which are operated by a sleek touch-sensitive control panel.

Behind the lower left door, the oven control panel allows users to operate a rather unique setting referred to as ‘Warmfront’, which mirrors the original AGA’s always-on trait. ‘Warmfront’ allows you to keep that gentle, low-level heat that radiates from your old AGA, but only when you so desire: the setting can be switched off in a second.

Price range: £4000 – £4500

Available colours: black, county cream, royal blue, pewter, white and aubergine


  • Always-on setting can be easily switched on and off
  • Option to maintain the gentle, low-level heat of your old AGA
  • Very low running costs of less than 2 pence an hour
  • With a width of 100cm, it fits into the slot of a Deluxe 2- or 3-oven AGA
  • Lots of colours to choose from


  • Again, this is on the more expensive side

The Rangemaster Elan AGA cooker alternative

From its understated, shiny doors to its sleek chrome towel rail, the Rangemaster Elan mirrors the style of the old AGA but boasts a notably different design with wire-wound door handles and an elegant round temperature gauge. The beauty of this model is that it can be specified as a dual-fuel model with gas hobs or as an all-electric model with five high-octane ceramic or induction hobs. The main oven offers three settings (fanned, conventional and grill) to meet modern-day standards, but a dedicated fanned oven and a separate grill cavity remain present.

Price range: £1900 – £2400

Available colours: traditional cream, gloss black, racing green, cranberry, olive green and royal pearl


  • Multifunctional main oven
  • Built-in storage drawer
  • Available in 90cm and 110cm widths
  • Available in induction models


  • More modern design, compared to the nostalgic AGA cooker
  • Hob rings are more intricate to clean than hotplate or induction hob

The Everhot 150i AGA cooker alternative

The Everhot 150i AGA cooker alternativeThe Everhot 150i has the stylish design you would expect from an AGA-inspired cooker, but with the addition of optimal control.

Its three spacious ovens (roasting, baking and slow-cooking) are independently controlled from a panel which is hidden discreetly behind the subtle centre door. An additional plate-warming oven allows users to serve their food at exactly the right temperature.

But what truly stands out about the Everhot 150i is its exceptional top, which boasts both the traditional cast-iron (hot and simmer) plates and a high-tech, three-zone induction hob. You’ll have all you need at your fingertips with this sleek and sophisticated cooker.

Price: £9385 including VAT

Available colours: black, dark blue, dark green, rich burgundy, cool cream and graphite


  • Three independently controlled ovens
  • Cast-iron and induction plates
  • Large cooker: 1.49m wide
  • Low electricity requirements


  • Probably the most expensive AGA alternative

Keep Your AGA Cooker Alternative Looking Brand New For Longer

If you’re looking for a range that shares the unique, traditional style of the AGA oven then why not try one of these AGA cooker alternatives. Having a flawlessly cleaned oven provides the best base to replicate AGA cooking and keep your appliance in great working condition.

If only your cooker could always look as bright and shiny as it did when it had just been installed… With Ovenu’s exceptional oven-cleaning services, this dream can become a reality.

Whether you need to make your old AGA look like new before putting it up for sale or restore the shimmer and shine of your new, modern range cooker after its initiation party, our team of experienced oven technicians is only a call away.

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