Can Screwfix Superglue Really Fix Damaged Oven Door Seals?

Dangers of a Damaged Oven Door Seal

By on 24th March 2014 (updated: 18th March 2024) in Blog

The Real Dangers of a Damaged Oven Door Seal

The right oven door seal will maximise your oven’s efficiency and ensure you are not exposed to any harmful chemicals while cooking or baking. However, over the years, these seals can come away. Ovenu is here with expert advice on the right tools to use such as Screwfix superglue and more.

Not only can damaged seals create heat loss, but they can also lead to a number of health and safety problems. Read on to hear our expert’s advice when it comes to cleaning your oven door, keeping it in good repair and using the right tools for the job!

Oven Cleaning & AGA cleaning service in the Bath area carried out by Ovenu Bath franchisee Patrick Church

Dangers to your Oven

There are many dangers to a dirty oven. Our colleague in the Bath area has issued a warning to householders about the importance of maintaining seals on domestic ovens. Patrick Church, the business owner of Ovenu Bath, said:

“As a professional oven cleaner working on a daily basis with all kinds of ovens, I see oven seals that have been damaged and are potentially dangerous as a result. As part of the valeting process, these door seals are checked for clients or, should replacements be required, we can point them in the right direction to buy them.”

Ineffective oven seals can lead to excessive heat loss from ovens, which causes insulation and energy efficiency issues. In addition, if the seal is broken or stretched, it could also burn the cupboards next to the oven.

Dangers to Humans

Damaged or ineffective oven seals can also lead to a number of health and safety problems, cause fires and potentially harmful cyanide poisoning.

Patrick also added: “I would urge householders to be very careful using random adhesives to stick existing seals. Householders need to consider the risk of adhesive flammability and, more importantly, superglue (cyanoacrylate) adhesives. Cyanide poisons could be generated in the gaseous form if using ‘superglue’ in an application where extreme heat is generated; a situation which can also potentially cause an extreme risk to health.”

Using Oven Door Seal Glue to Fix Your Oven Seal

Patrick mentioned: “The ‘original’ and proper replacement seals are temperature resistant, flame retardant and non-toxic. These seals are relatively expensive because they are specially reinforced thermal rubbers designed to safely withstand very high temperatures and continuous usage when an oven door is opened and closed.”

There are a number of properties to look out for when looking to seal your oven door:

  • High-quality oven seal glue is heat-resistant up to +260°C
  • Oven seal glue is a secure way to glue down any breaks in your oven’s seals
  • Most oven seal glues come with a cut-to-size nozzle enabling you to precisely control the size of the sealant
  • Premium oven seal glues offer an easy and convenient way to replace or cover oven seals, oven door glass, heaters and thermostats.

However, if this fixture is new to you, our oven cleaning experts can help you repair your damaged oven door seal.

Advice from an Oven Cleaning Expert

Patrick emphasises: “As they are exposed regularly to high temperatures, original door seals can become degraded or damaged over time, and so it is important that they are checked and renewed. It is important to note also that professional oven seals cannot be bought at the regular DIY superstores and may be difficult to source at smaller more specialised hardware stores.”

To safely ensure your oven door is sealed properly, our Ovenu experts are here to help.

Contact Your Local Oven Cleaner to Fix Your Seal

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