Why Professional Oven Cleaning Should Be on Your Tenancy Checklist

Why Professional Oven Cleaning Should Be on Your Tenancy Checklist

By on 31st August 2023 (updated: 14th March 2024) in Blog

As the chapter of your current living space draws to a close, a multitude of tasks crowd your to-do list – sorting belongings, notifying utility providers, and tackling paperwork, just to name a few.

Amidst the chaos, it’s easy to overlook an aspect that not only ensures your peace of mind but also leaves a lasting impression on both landlords and future tenants: professional oven cleaning.

As September approaches, the rental market experiences a flurry of activity, with leases concluding and new chapters beginning. The shift in seasons and changes in academic years prompts a surge in relocations, making this month a pivotal juncture for both tenants and landlords.

With the influx of new residents seeking their next home, property owners are on the lookout for tenants who not only adhere to their lease agreements but also leave behind a respectful space, setting you apart as a conscientious occupant.

If you’re on the brink of a move and wondering whether professional oven cleaning is worth the investment of time and resources, read on to discover how this relatively simple step can mark the difference between a run-of-the-mill departure and a move-out masterclass.

single oven cleaning

A professional oven clean can be the difference between a happy and an angry landlord.

What is an end-of-tenancy cleaning checklist?

As the chapter of your tenancy comes to a close, a series of tasks beckons your attention, each vital in ensuring a smooth transition from one living space to the next.

At the heart of this transitional phase lies the concept of an end-of-tenancy cleaning checklist – a comprehensive guide designed to ensure that your rented home is returned in impeccable condition.

You’ll find a stream of tenancy checklists online, from room-by-room lists to full overhaul guides. But no doubt, the white goods of your kitchen will be a highlight on either one. An oven should be thoroughly cleaned inside and out to not only pass on a respectable new beginning but also highlight any breakages or fixtures needed from your landlord.

Who is responsible for cleaning at the end of a tenancy?

The responsibility for cleaning at the end of a tenancy is typically outlined in the terms of the tenancy agreement. In most cases, it’s the tenant’s responsibility to ensure that the rented property is returned in a clean and well-maintained condition.

This involves cleaning various areas of the property, such as floors, walls, appliances, bathrooms, and windows. It’s important for tenants to thoroughly review their tenancy agreement to understand the exact cleaning expectations and requirements. Some landlords may also provide a specific checklist to guide tenants in meeting their cleaning obligations.

By fulfilling these cleaning responsibilities, tenants can help ensure a smooth transition for both themselves and the next occupants of the property. Failure to adequately clean the property may result in deductions from the tenant’s security deposit to cover the costs of cleaning and restoring the premises to an acceptable condition.

The importance of clean white goods

White goods are essential components of a rental property, and their proper maintenance and functionality directly impact the tenant’s quality of living.

An oven, for instance, is a focal point of the kitchen, often used for creating meals and hosting gatherings. Ensuring it’s clean, safe, and operational not only demonstrates your commitment to the space but also safeguards the next tenant’s experience.

We’ve written a number of blogs that highlight the importance of clean cooking appliances including the dangers of a dirty oven and the dangers of a damaged door seal.

Responsible tenant cleaning

When you take the time to meticulously clean the entire rental unit, including often-overlooked areas like the oven, you not only fulfil your responsibility as a departing tenant but also contribute to a seamless transition for the next occupant.

A sparkling clean living space sets a positive tone for new beginnings, showing that you’ve respected the property and cared for its upkeep during your stay. Should a previous tenant leave the property in disrepair, it is the landlord’s obligation to rectify any fixtures and deep clean the premises before another tenant moves in.

However, taking proactive steps to ensure your rented space is in top-notch condition before handing it over can save time and hassle for both parties.

By thoroughly cleaning the oven and other areas, you provide the landlord with an accurate picture of the property’s condition at the end of your lease, instrumental in addressing any damage, wear, or malfunction that might have occurred during your tenancy.

Dual compartment oven cleaning

Double oven or oven and grill section – cleaned to perfection

Professional oven cleaning can save you time and money

The decision to invest in professional oven cleaning services can actually translate into valuable time and financial savings. While it’s true that DIY cleaning can be a cost-effective option, it often underestimates the complexities involved in restoring a rental property to its original, pristine condition.

Moreover, professional oven cleaning companies are equipped with specialised tools, cleaning agents, and techniques that are designed to tackle even the toughest oven cleaning challenges. Whether it’s stubborn oven grime or hard-to-reach corners, these experts possess the skills to ensure a thorough clean that exceeds typical DIY standards.

By avoiding the risks of potential oversight and incomplete cleaning, you reduce the likelihood of disputes with your landlord and letting agents over the return of your security deposit.

Remember, a well-maintained rental property fosters a sense of respect, responsibility, and mutual understanding between tenants and landlords. By proactively addressing the cleanliness and condition of fixtures like ovens, you contribute to a positive rental ecosystem that benefits all parties involved.

Keep the rental cycle pristine with a handover to be proud of. If you’re ready for professional end-of-tenancy oven cleaners to bring your kitchen back to its start-of-tenancy condition, give Ovenu a call or find your local rep today.

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