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Top Tips to Get Your Microwave Sparkling Clean

in Cleaning Tips, Self Cleaning Oven by Rik Hellewell


Considering how frequently households use the kitchen microwave, it’s surprising how often they are overlooked. We often clean our countertops, fridges, hobs, sinks and other appliances every week while only cleaning the microwave every once in a while, and that usually means only cleaning the door of the appliance! That might make things look good on the outside but it’s important not to forget what could be lurking inside when not this piece of equipment is not properly attended to.
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A Guide to Cleaning Oven Trays

in Cleaning Tips, Self Cleaning Oven by Rik Hellewell

Dirty Oven Tray

Greasy, sticky or burnt oven trays are never a good look. They can be tough to clean, and it may sometimes feel like it is impossible to remove their blackened marks and encrusted food accumulation. And so, you might find the temptation arising to give up and resign yourself to just buying a new set of oven trays. However, with a little tender loving care, your trays can be rescued and even revived to their original sparkling state.
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Dangerous Kitchen Bacteria and How to Beat Them

in Cleaning Tips, Latest News by Rik Hellewell

With the kitchen being a central, sociable area of the house, it’s a place that is often kept clean and tidy. However, despite all the food preparation and cleaning taking place, the kitchen can be a surprisingly germ-filled area, with bacteria lurking where you’d least expect it.
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Deep Cleaning Tips for Businesses

in Cleaning Tips, Latest News by Rik Hellewell

Busy cafe
Keeping your business premises clean and in tip-top condition can be a very different experience to keeping your home clean and tidy. Businesses need to follow rules and regulations, take care of their staff and provide for their customers. Health and safety is therefore a much higher priority than at home and regularly deep cleaning is more of a necessity than a choice.
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Five Cleaning and Household Dangers Tenants Should Be Aware Of

in Cleaning Tips, Landlords and Tenants, Latest News by Rik Hellewell

For tenants, moving home can be an overwhelming experience. For landlords, it can also be an apprehensive time, when you are inviting new tenants into your rental property. To make things a little easier for both parties, we’ve put together a list of five of the major cleaning and household dangers tenants should be aware of. Tenants take note and landlords spread the word!
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Make A Getaway One To Remember With A Spotless Oven

in Cleaning Tips by Rik Hellewell

We are fast-approaching the busy holiday season, and self-catering holiday rentals continue to be a popular choice for holidaymakers across the globe.

Whether you own a cottage in the Cornish countryside, a villa in a vibrant tourist spot or a chic city pad, holidays are popular with Britons and overseas visitors, and account for the main source of visits to the UK.

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Do You Really Know What’s In Your Oven Cleaner?

in Cleaning Tips by Rik Hellewell

When it comes to housework, keeping a home spic and span is often a top priority.

But when it comes to oven cleaning, do you really know what you are using to keep your oven looking nice? And are you aware of the potentially harmful side effects some ingredients could have on you and your family?

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