Does Your Oven Need Cleaning or Replacing?

We’ve all become used to a disposable culture. If something is finished with or appears not to be working, we simply replace it. Of course the more expensive that particular item is, the more consideration needs to go into the process. After all, you don’t want to end up paying hundreds to get a new oven if your old one just simply needs a thorough clean. So how do you know if a drop in performance is a terminal issue or a sign that excessive grease is clogging up the thermostat?

Don’t Be Lazy, Inspect Your Oven

Sometimes the distinction can be pretty clear. For instance, if it’s pretty old and has been well maintained throughout the years, but is now starting to lose heat and ruining perfectly good meals, a thorough clean is unlikely to do the job. However, if you’ve been a little bit lazy, avoiding scrubbing the grease and grime out of your overused cooker for a number of months (maybe even years), there might be a case for getting it valeted before doing anything too rash.

Whilst ovens are pretty straightforward pieces of technology, it’s important that all the elements are able to function fully at all times. For instance, if your thermostat is unable to determine the temperature or the fan is suffering from a little too much wear and tear, things can become eminently more challenging.

A loss of functionality can be hugely frustrating. After all, if you’re waiting for the oven to heat up so you can put your dinner on but you always have to hang around for 15 minutes or so, it isn’t exactly ideal. Neither of course is the loss of the highest temperatures, which can mean a number of hasty revisions to cooking guidelines.

If you’re opening the door and finding yourself confronted with dense smoke, pungent aromas and visible signs of grease on the bottom shelf, the chances are it simply needs a good clean. You should be cleaning your oven within reasonable regularity, including a thorough once-over at least once a year. Chances are, if you are met with a scene like the one mentioned above, you haven’t done this. Equally, you may find that performance is slipping in the appliance. Even if you don’t have much time, you can always hire expert cleaners to carry out the work on your behalf.

However, if you’ve already tried cleaning and repairs but the appliance is still unresponsive, it may well be time to start looking at replacements. Not every problem can be fixed, some cookers simply reach the end of their functional life and need to be recycled in order to become useful again. They should provide many years worth of good service, particularly if they are well maintained, so don’t always be too quick to pull the plug on them for the last time.