Cooking Personalities: Which Chef Are You?

Every chef has their own unique cooking style, and that’s why we love them so much. Many of us take inspiration from our TV chefs, so we’re on a mission to discover which cooking personality our chef fans identity with the most. We want to know if you’re a master in the kitchen, or a force to be reckoned with.

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jamie oliver







Known for his cheeky disposition and down-to-earth personality, Jamie Oliver is clearly in his element in the kitchen. He has a passion for good food and puts all his energy into creating gastronomic delights. Are you as comfortable in the kitchen as the naked chef?

Messy and Fun-Loving










Notorious for taking a sneaky taste of whatever she’s cooking and having a great sense of humour, Nigella Lawson has fun in the kitchen and she’s passionate about trying new approaches to recipes. Do you have a Nigella-esque experimental side?











If there was ever a perfect example of someone not willing to break the rules, it’s Gordon Ramsay. His strict and calculated cooking personality means that he consistently delivers excellent dishes. Are you a culinary perfectionist too?

Calm and Collected

Rick Stein









Rick Stein first captured the nation’s attention back in the 90’s when he appeared in a television series based on his life as chef and owner of The Seafood Restaurant. Since then he’s written 19 cookery books. Not one to stray away from the cooking instructions, he takes a methodical approach to his dishes.


James Martin









Giving the impression that he’s having an absolute blast, James Martin takes a no-fuss approach to cooking. His relaxed method means that he has time to check that everything is in order and take five when he wants to. Are you cool, calm and collected in your own kitchen?

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