Deep Cleaning Tips for Businesses

By on 24th May 2017 (updated: 10th March 2020) in Cleaning Tips

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Keeping your business premises clean and in tip-top condition can be a very different experience to keeping your home clean and tidy. Businesses need to follow rules and regulations, take care of their staff and provide for their customers. Health and safety is therefore a much higher priority than at home and regularly deep cleaning is more of a necessity than a choice.

Start in the Stockroom
Before you dive straight into cleaning customer-facing areas, get things organised and ready behind the scenes. Whether you have a stockroom that needs cleaning or several messy offices and cupboards that need a good tidy, start here first. Throw anything out that’s not been used for over a year and ensure that any stock or products with an expiry date are organised or disposed of correctly. If there’s anything that is broken or missing, now is the time to replace it.

Deep Clean in Sections
Deep cleaning an entire business can be a daunting prospect, so it’s important to break the whole process down in to manageable tasks. Whether you prefer to deep clean areas by location or by type of task, it’s important to list all your jobs and group them. Then it’s as simple as completing each section in an order that makes sense to your business.

Don’t Forget Staff Areas
You can easily get so caught up in deep cleaning customer areas or stockrooms that you forget how important it is to clean all the staff spaces too. Creating a comfortable and pleasant environment for staff will make coming to work a much more enjoyable experience – and much more motivating! This includes deep cleaning common areas, toilets and staff fridges to start afresh. Having a clean and tidy staff area to start with also makes it easier to keep on top of the cleaning.

Throw Out and Donate
If you haven’t used an item for over a year then it may be worth throwing it out or donating it to another business or to charity. In some instances, you may be able to sell unwanted products or equipment and make more money for your business!

Clearing out paperwork is also a task worth investing time in and can save you a lot of space in the process. Archive any paperwork that you can’t get rid of and throw out or destroy anything you no longer need. Consider moving to a cloud-based system in the future, to avoid paperwork and filing altogether.

Provide Staff with PPE Equipment
Personal protective equipment, otherwise known as PPE, should be supplied to all staff who are undertaking deep cleaning tasks that may cause them damage. In most businesses, necessary PPE equipment will only extend to protective gloves, face masks and aprons, to shield against the chemicals used when cleaning kitchen equipment or bathrooms. Before proceeding with a business-wide deep clean, check what PPE equipment may be required and purchase it ahead of time.

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Rik Hellewell is the Founder & Managing Director of Ovenu and a member of the Approved Franchise Association. He established Ovenu in 1993, cleaning 4,000 ovens and proving his concept over five years before starting the franchise business. Since then he has helped over 200 franchisees achieve their dreams of running successful businesses of their own. Established for over 25 years, the Ovenu concept has proven successful across the UK, New Zealand, Australia and the USA.