End of Tenancy Oven Cleaning for Landlords

For many landlords, the early months of summer provides the best opportunity to redecorate and generally spruce up their property. With students heading home and other tenants moving on, it’s ideal for carrying out essential maintenance.

One of the most important tasks, particularly where the kitchen is concerned, is to give the oven a thorough cleaning. After months or even years of use, possibly without any form of cleaning in the interim, an oven can become a trap for grease and grime. This often gives it a far from pleasant odour and can lead to smoke billowing out when in use. Neither of which are particularly good for the living environment, usability or the cooker itself.

As with any cleaning that needs to be done around the house during or after a tenancy, landlords have the option to do it themselves or to hire a professional company to carry out the work. Where costs are passed on to previous tenants, many prefer to simply bring in the experts and have a thorough job done. In fact, for anybody who wants the highest standard of cleanliness, this often represents the best option.

The advantages of having an oven valeted are many fold; however, a few of the key benefits include:

  • Showroom quality finish – you’ll always be able to see if a cooker has been well maintained if you clean it to the highest standards.
  • Improved function – a build up of grime can severely impair an oven’s effectiveness. Filters can be blocked, efficiency reduced and smoke can easily consume your kitchen.
  • Hygiene – a clean oven is a hygienic oven. Where food preparation is concerned, it is essential that there are no potential issues relating cleanliness.

By choosing a domestic oven cleaning service, such as that offered by Ovenu, you are assured of a professional finish and a thoroughness that you simply can’t achieve elsewhere. As fully insured experts with extensive experience within the field, you can enjoy a risk free clean and have your cooker back up to scratch for future tenants to enjoy.

Of course, as a landlord you do have certain responsibilities, just as your tenants do. The home needs to kept up to a certain standard, which is why it is important to properly invest in end of tenancy cleaning. Carpets, curtains, living areas and the kitchen all need to be bought back up to code. If your tenants haven’t done this on your behalf, then it is vital that you take responsibility – passing on the costs if included within the contract.

Fortunately you don’t need to worry about your oven though. A professional valeting service will see it return to a pristine state in no time at all, allowing you to get on and seek new tenants for the property.