Get Your Own Equipment & Vehicle With an Ovenu Franchise

Equipment & Vehicle

Ovenu Oven Cleaning Franchise
Oven cleaning van livery

Distinctive Ovenu Van Livery – included in our start up package

During your Induction Training week, we’ll have your van sign-written in our distinctive, eye-catching livery. It doesn’t matter which van you’ve plumped for (we’ll chat about this a bit further down the page), each and every franchisee’s van right across the world has had our livery applied.

Your Van & Livery

Our strong oven cleaning franchise branding acts as a very powerful, promotional media. And as you’ll see from the image below, we even enhance security by using vision-film on vans with glazed tail-gates. This is just one aspect of the excellent national marketing and promotion we offer our franchisees.

rear of ovenu van

It’s Your Van – You Choose!

We leave your choice of van to you. Let’s face it, we’re all individuals and we come in different shapes and sizes – luckily, so do vans!

We’re not going to (nor ever will) tie you down to either just ONE make & model OR a compulsory lease/rental.

What’s important to mention here is that our Process Equipment can be, and is, tailored to fit ANY van.

Let’s take a moment though to look at a few reasons why different people have chosen different vans.

The vast majority of our network members have picked a ‘regular sized’ van to use in their business – there are lots to choose from. But that’s not always practical or sensible!

Some of our franchisees have chosen a mid-sized van with 3 front seats – a Toyota Hiace or Mercedes Vito for example – it’s more practical for perhaps picking up two children from school.

Others have decided, due to some tight parking spaces in their territory, to go for a much smaller micro-van such as a Peugeot Bipper. One or two of our franchisees have chosen a slightly larger van as they enjoy fishing at weekends. Having a larger van means that they can fit all of their fishing gear into the van alongside all of their Ovenu equipment.

No matter what your van choice happens to be, we do insist on it being white and in really good condition. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be brand new. There are thousands of suitable and sensibly priced pre-owned vans on the market these days.

Our vast experience over the last 20 years has taught us that your clients couldn’t care less about the combination of letters and numbers on your van’s number plate – they just want to see a smartly presented van (and franchisee) in the right place and at the right time!

We can chat more about van options when we meet up.

Products & Consumables – simply the best!

We’ll supply you initially with sufficient of our bespoke products and quality consumables for your first 3 months of trading.

ovenu cleaning products

To produce world-class results you’ll need world-class products! And that’s exactly what you’ll get from us. Our core product range is unique; we own the formulae and we don’t supply anybody outside our network. We’re big on Corporate Uniformity, our core products are even shipped to our colleagues in Australia!

Our franchisees love the idea of working with products that work extremely efficiently AND tick all of the ‘Green’ boxes; so do our clients. They don’t need to vacate their homes when we arrive, chain pets (or children!) outside nor have to worry about toxic fumes.

Using products of an eco-friendly nature is just the right way to do things these days. We’re extremely proud to call our products our own because that’s the truth of it.

We’d never think about providing you with ‘Pound shop Pastes’ or inferior, re-badged materials.

Using our unique range of products means that you’ll not have to dream up cheeky little phrases like “I use safe products in your home”, completely omitting the fact that your tank in the van is full of caustic (highly corrosive) soda!

You’ll also be pleasantly surprised to learn that, despite being made exclusively for us and being the best oven cleaning products available, our products & consumables cost very little. In fact, on average, cleaning products cost franchisees just 3% of their annual turnover. Bulk manufacture and storage help us keep the costs low, so we can pass the savings on to you.

Obtaining subsequent supplies from us is easy, cost-effective and, typically, within 24 hours of orders being received.

Heated Process Tank

The Ultimate Labour Saving device.

Ovenu Heat Tank

Our process tanks are ‘one of a kind’ being protected under Registered Design at the Patents Office since 1994.

Our tanks are manufactured from only Hygiene Grade material for what we consider to be obvious reasons. They have been proven to stand the test of time, a long time in fact with many franchisees of long-standing having experienced trouble-free use for well over 10 years.

That’s a lot longer in many cases than others who are trying to establish themselves in our sector have been in business!

The tanks have had minor ‘tweaks’ over the past 20 years but there’s an awful lot to be said for the old adage of ‘if it’s not broken don’t fix it’. The same can be said for running the tanks on bottled gas. Significantly less expensive per unit than electricity (over a million caravan & motorhome owners can’t be wrong), highly portable and, coupled with the use of the most up-to-date insulation materials, our premium quality tanks can GENUINELY be kept hot all day.

The Tools of The Trade

Getting the job done properly first time, every time.

ovenu tools

As another part of our oven cleaning franchise package, you’ll get ALL of the tools you’ll need to work with. These will include a couple of ‘secret weapons’ that we’ll be happy to chat about when we meet you. Having all of the correct tools to complete works to the highest standards possible is vitally important. Our reputation has been built on quality over the last 20 years plus and it’s worth reiterating here that we’ll not just supply you with the tools needed, we’ll also train you how to use them efficiently and effectively.

Quality Branded Workwear

Warm in Winter … Cool all year round!

ovenu workwear

We’ll also supply you with a fine selection of our premium quality branded workwear. We’ve added to our range of workwear over the years so that we now have clothing for all seasons. Cool cotton for the warmer months, heavier weight polo shirts for when the weather is a bit cooler, warm sweatshirts for the frosty mornings and waterproof fleece-lined jackets in case of rain!

Our work trousers come complete with knee pads to help keep you comfortable when kneeling on quarry tiled or hardwood flooring. All nice, practical touches that add to our overall professionalism and giving you a true sense of belonging to the largest global network of its kind.

Ready To Register Your Interest?

Get answers to your FAQs, take a closer look at how much an oven cleaning franchise costs, and then ‘Register Your Interest’ using the contact form.

When you’ve done this we’ll immediately send you a brief résumé of this page PLUS a lot more financial information as well. This will include information about our fixed Management Fees, our very successful trading history to date, and the earnings potential that you can look forward to.