How Much Does an Oven Cleaning Franchise Cost? I Ovenu

How Much Does An Oven Cleaning Franchise Cost?

Ovenu Oven Cleaning Franchise

Our oven cleaning business opportunity presents one of the best value franchise investments on the market.

An Ovenu oven cleaning franchise offers you unparalleled hands-on training in combination with industry-leading equipment and outstanding ongoing support throughout your business’ life – all at a starting price of £12,400 + VAT, with management fees from just £41.53 per week + VAT.

What Is Included In Becoming an Ovenu Franchisee?

With our support, over 100 people in the UK have launched their own successful oven cleaning franchise, not to mention dozens more in Australia, New Zealand and the USA. All our franchisees receive comprehensive training and ongoing business support from our Support team, as part of our franchise package.

A Proven Profitable Business Plan

Take your first steps as a new business owner with confidence. Whether this is your first time running your own business, or you’ve had some experience in the past, you’ll no doubt appreciate having a proven business plan to provide the building blocks for a successful oven cleaning franchise.

The Ovenu cleaning system is a simple, but effective one that turns a daunting task for a consumer into an easily performed job by you. Build a profitable oven cleaning franchise of your own using proven processes and systems that have helped hundreds of people across the world take control of their own futures.

Industry-Leading Training

Go from an oven cleaning novice to a trained professional in 5 days. All Ovenu franchisees are taken through our in-depth practical and technical training which includes 4 days at our purpose-built training facility combined with working side by side with one of our franchisees out on the road.

You’ll build up invaluable on-the-job experience over these 4 days of practical training, that will serve as the foundation of your oven cleaning knowledge, which you’ll build on as you take on more jobs by yourself.

On top of your practical oven cleaning training, you’ll also spend an entire day learning valuable business management skills that will provide you with the blueprint to grow your business. And you’ll get to discover how to access all of our unique library of ongoing help and support topics in our cloud-based systems.

Manage Your Business Your Way

The Ovenu franchise is the perfect choice for hard-working new business owners who want the freedom to manage their own schedule, whilst being able to rely on the structure of a proven business model. From day 1, you’re given the freedom to decide where and when you work, so you can plan around your other commitments.

You’ll be in complete control over if, how and when your business expands. Choose to keep your first territory for the entirety of your career, or build upon your initial success and expand into a larger one area. Over time, you may even be able to expand your franchise business into a multi-van operation and further increase your business’ profitability.

Practical, Reliable Support When You Need It

Work for yourself but not by yourself. Have all the benefits of building your own successful oven cleaning business, but without the uncertainty or trial and error period that comes with starting independently.

On completion of your training, you’ll receive our Operations Manual; this is the ultimate companion to your oven cleaning journey and serves as the all-important back-up to the knowledge that you’ve soaked up during your 5-day training course. This document has been updated and improved over the years, ensuring that you have all the information on hand when you get started.

When you join the Ovenu network, you’ll also get access to an in-depth support system that is designed to get you the answers to your questions as soon as possible. Get access to an exclusive franchise-only online forum that is home to over 600 topics, providing you with almost every conceivable answer that you might have about your new occupation.

Ovenu Franchise Opportunity Pricing & Costs

Ovenu offers two separate oven cleaning franchise packages for those looking to start their own franchise business with the help of a nationally recognised brand. Explore your options below and get in touch with us using the contact form for more information.


Our Foundation Franchise Opportunity is where the vast majority of our established franchisees have chosen to start the process of building their local oven cleaning franchise, as it forms the solid footings that can be built on; safe in the knowledge that everything needed to be successful is being provided in the Start-Up package.

The initial fee of £12,400 + VAT represents the best value you’ll find within this niche of the cleaning services sector. This value is enhanced further when you take into account that we are the only franchise in the oven cleaning industry to be ranked in the EF 100, and that’s for 3 consecutive years now since 2018. We have well over 20 years of specialist knowledge and experience to share with our franchisees.

Our Foundation Franchise comes with a locally based territory of around 30,000 homes. We’ve proved within the UK and in Australia that this number works very well for our business model. It keeps travelling to a sensible level and makes advertising and promoting to your entire territory an affordable reality.

In our true spirit of offering the best value for money, our Management fees are fixed and start at a weekly equivalent of £41.53 a week plus VAT.

Foundation Plus

For those looking to invest at higher levels, our Foundation Plus opportunities offer territories with a higher household count and are ideally suited to those who are looking to expand into a multi-van operation sooner rather than later.

There are three levels of our Foundation Plus opportunity to invest at:

  • Level 2 with a household count between 30,001 – 60,000 costing upwards of £12,400 + VAT
  • Level 3 of 60,001 – 100,000 from £17,450 + VAT
  • Level 4 of 100,001+ from £27,450 + VAT

The fee structure is also tiered and starts from a weekly equivalent of £61.15 a week plus VAT.

Both of the above options are five-year agreements with the option to renew for further five-year terms and, apart from any upgrades needed to tools, equipment, corporate clothing, we don’t charge the Start Up fee again on renewal.

There are other costs to consider when starting a business such as this, including estimate the insurance costs of oven cleaning and having a robust business plan in place. Register your interest with us today, or give us a call on 01189 743911 for a free informal consultation.

Short of Investment Capital?

Simply put, we know that there are lots of really good quality prospective franchisees who would thrive in our network but haven’t been able, often through no fault of their own, to invest in our opportunities above, thanks in part to the lending institutions somewhat tightening their criteria! And there are many who appreciate that it is always prudent to have some cash reserves when starting a business for those awkward ‘just in case’ moments that can crop up unexpectedly.

For those unable to get the required investment capital, we can recommend the Government Backed Start-Up Loan. This scheme lends up to £25,000 and allows up to 5 years to repay, many of our recently (2020 onwards) appointed franchisees got started this way. There may also be the opportunity to buy an existing business as a Franchise resale that will come complete with a good amount of existing clients. You can read our FAQs to find out more about our oven cleaning franchise.

If you are interested in one of our franchise opportunities, call us on 01189 743911 or fill in the contact form to discuss any or all of the options above.