Oven Cleaning Business Insurance Costs - A complete Guide

Insurance Costs for an Oven Cleaning Business

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Insurance costs for an oven cleaning services company vary from business to business, however our recommendation to oven cleaners is to budget for a comprehensive plan at around £600 per year. This figure is a loose estimate and will be subject to some change dependant on your own circumstances and needs.

Levels of cover are between next to nothing, on the one hand, up to every conceivable eventuality on the other. But the cost shouldn’t be the prime consideration here – value is what ought to be prioritised. Prospective oven cleaning franchise owners should carefully consider how much cover is offered for the premium being requested, and if all reasonable eventualities are included.

Oven cleaning can be a profitable business, but when running any business there are things that can, and do, go wrong. Here are a few pointers towards what insurance costs should be considered:

Public Liability Insurance

First up there will be the cost of insurance cover for things that inevitably get broken when working at customers’ homes. Glass items such as oven doors, lamp covers, halogen hobs, and the occasional glazed splash-back are all known to crack, break or shatter. Some of these items have been known to explode when nobody is anywhere near them. Although not frequent, these types of accidents and incidents need insuring; ideally on a ‘new for old’ basis or as near to this as is possible and affordable.

Unfortunately, accidents can happen when working in a physical job with industrial equipment and chemicals, public liability insurance covers businesses against compensation claims made against your oven cleaning business after a third party (or property they own) is damaged during the course of completing a job. This insurance can give peace of mind to the business owner and can also reassure prospective customers, who may have reservations about allowing tradespeople into their home.

Similar cover should also be sought or included in a business’ policy to cover potential breaches of the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations.

Environmental Liability Insurance

Although unlikely if the appropriate advice has been handed out during an oven cleaning business training course, there is the possibility of polluting watercourses and other drainage facilities with ‘contaminated waste’ during a visit to a customer’s home. This could well lead to the Environment Agency, local authority or other associations issuing fines for various misdemeanours in this regard. Fines for this type of incident ought to be insured against.

Tools, Machinery & Equipment Insurance

An oven cleaner cannot work without equipment, but there are times when circumstances lead to this happening. Whether through damage, loss or theft, this type of insurance protects oven cleaners’ equipment so that they can work with peace of mind. This form of insurance can also cover loss of technology that is vital to the business, such as mobile phones, tablets or laptops and often cover overnight theft from unattended vehicles.

Employers’ Liability Insurance

Employers’ Liability Insurance helps businesses pay compensation in the event of an employee becoming ill, or injuring themselves as a result of working for you. In the eventuality that an oven cleaning business expands beyond a one-man operation, it’s a legal requirement for business owners to get Employers’ Liability Insurance. Businesses not complying with this can be fined up to £2,500 every day they are not properly insured.

Van Insurance

Vans used for oven cleaning should be insured in the same way as all other vehicles, however, not all insurance companies will cover vehicles carrying oven cleaning equipment and the chemicals used to carry out the work. Independent insurance brokers can offer unique solutions that might not be available from larger companies, but it’s still wise to explore all options before settling for a plan.

Personal Insurance

There are huge benefits to becoming self-employed, such as being able to choose working hours, however, one of the drawbacks is the reliance business owners will have on their good health. There are a range of insurance products available to those who wish to protect against unfortunate eventualities, such as long-term illnesses or accidents. Income protection can protect you from drops in earnings due to sickness or injury, whilst there are also short-term policies available which are sometimes referred to as accidents, sickness and unemployment products.


Properly insuring a business should be a top priority for anyone starting out in the industry, in addition to writing an in-depth oven cleaning business plan. Ovenu has been helping business owners take their first successful steps into the oven cleaning sector for over 25 years and has the testimonials to back it up. Read our FAQs to get the answer to more of your oven cleaning franchise questions.

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