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Is Oven Cleaning a Profitable Business?

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Is Oven Cleaning a profitable business

A proven, profitable oven cleaning business model

Oven cleaning is a profitable venture when the right business plan is in place. The Ovenu franchise business model is based on tried and trusted processes, taking away the guesswork and offering an efficient route to profitability.

We have over 25 years of experience in helping aspiring oven cleaners like you get started with the help of our knowledge and business expertise. During this time we’ve helped build hugely successful oven cleaning businesses that have reported profits of over £60,000 per annum.

How much could you earn with Ovenu?

The average order value for our UK-based Ovenu franchisees is £100. This figure includes all oven types, makes, and models. It also includes some of our popular add-ons such as supplying and fitting replacement oven lamps, door seals, and extractor hood filters.

All expenses and other overheads combined come in at under £25 a job (not including the cost of getting the job through in the first place) – leaving a potential profit of £75 per job.

If you book 15 jobs a week, then that equates to £1125 of weekly profit. Factor in a generous holiday allowance (which is up to you to decide), and you could easily be making a minimum annual profit of £50,000 from your oven cleaning business.

Ultimately, however, your profit potential as an Ovenu franchisee will be dictated by the amount of work you’re willing to take on and your efficiency as an oven cleaning technician.

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Is oven cleaning a profitable business?

Yes, oven cleaning can definitely be a profitable business. This is because the costs of running a cleaning business are relatively low. With our exclusive products and unique expert training, you could earn a profit of up to £60,000+.

How can you keep your oven cleaning overheads low?

In order to maximise your profit potential, it’s important to find ways to minimise the amount of money your oven cleaning business spends on resources such as fuel, cleaning materials, and other expenses.

Being a part of a larger franchise network will help you massively in this regard.

Take cleaning materials and tools, for example. All members of our franchise network benefit from our ‘economy of scale’ buying power with all savings being passed on to the franchisees.

We source cleaning materials from UK manufacturers and suppliers whenever and wherever possible. This saves us having to pay import duties and tariffs on imported goods now we have left the EU!

On average, our unique cleaning products (along with scourers, cloths, face-masks and other disposables) cost just over £6 a job—leaving a healthy gross profit.

What does it take to run a profitable oven cleaning business?

Making any business profitable is the ultimate goal, if a business doesn’t make a profit then it is either a Registered Charity, or it’s in deep trouble and potentially heading over the cliff.

The profitability of an oven cleaning company is dependent on the business plan that is being followed and the level of commitment that the business owner is willing to give. If enough thought has been put into the overheads involved in running the business, including the cost of insuring the oven cleaning business, equipment used to complete the jobs, van costs and marketing, then it’s feasible for any determined individual to turn a profit in this line of work.

Before jumping headfirst into a new venture, it’s worth considering what personal qualities are required of a successful oven cleaning business owner, and whether it might be more beneficial to seek the guidance of a franchise model, as opposed to starting up independently.


Whether you’re working independently or as part of a franchise, complete dedication to the business is required for it to make a profit. Whilst you’ll be in charge of your own hours and be able to set your own schedule, you’ll have to seriously consider how many hours you’re willing to work in order to earn the living and lifestyle you want. Working in this industry could mean working in the evenings, or on the weekends, in order to keep the books balanced.


Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and decide who you’d trust more to come into your home: an independent tradesman with no professional affiliation, or an oven cleaner using equipment and chemicals associated with a nationally recognised brand.

The oven cleaning sector is made up of a variety of different businesses, including unbranded one-man operations and nationally recognised ventures. In order to stand out from the competition and win the bookings, you’ll need to decide whether you can create a professional-looking brand that will be trusted by the public, or if you’d be better off working under the banner of a pre-existing organisation that has already achieved this.

Business Management

Elbow grease and determination are required to get the job done on a day to day basis, but consistently turning a profit in the oven cleaning sector also requires efficient business management skills. This includes short-term tasks such as sourcing enquiries and booking jobs, as well as thinking about the long-term goals that your business should be shooting for. You should be able to calculate the percentage of repeat business that you expect to see year-on-year, in addition to understanding the true costs of running your business.

Developing and refining important business management processes can take time. Independent business owners will need to create their own systems from scratch and be able to forge their own path, whereas those following a franchise model can make use of tested tools that make managing a profitable oven cleaning business a much simpler task.

Another significant benefit of working through the money minefield with a reputable franchised business is that all of the questions will have been asked (and answered) many times before. Pilot schemes ought to have been established to determine viability way before the franchise opportunity was brought to market.


Any successful business owner will tell you that enquiries don’t come from thin air. Marketing is a key aspect of any profitable business, if you’re not able to attract new clients then your business will fail. Establishing a profitable oven cleaning business requires you to learn both the practical side of the job, as well as the marketing side. It is possible to spend too much money on marketing, learning how to correctly balance marketing spend with incoming enquiries is one skill that must be learned by those taking the independent route.

Pay-per-click advertising, SEO, and online review systems have been proven to work for oven cleaning businesses, but setting them up can prove to be a daunting task for the uninitiated. Working with a franchise business gives you access to pre-existing digital marketing channels that have already been proven to work, allowing new business owners to avoid the potential pitfalls that first-time marketers might otherwise make and helping you to hit the ground running.

Which is better: independent or franchise oven cleaning businesses?

The personal traits and qualities of a profitable oven cleaning business owner will differ depending on whether they’re an independent or franchise-owned operation. There are many who have pursued the independent route into self-employment in the oven cleaning business arena and it is fair and honest to say that some are still trading successfully. However, this is a path that is not suitable for every new business owner. The independent route is fraught with logistical and commercial challenges which amount to a high level of risk which not all are comfortable with taking.

On the other hand, franchisees need to have all of the right traits and characteristics required to make their business work profitably in their area. Not everybody is cut out to fit the role that franchisees adopt in the sector. The true ‘dyed in the wool’ entrepreneur who is hell-bent on paddling their own canoe isn’t necessarily going to morph into somebody who can readily accept the replication and duplication of a tried, tested and proven system.

Read our oven cleaning franchise FAQs to get more answers to your questions. When you’re ready, register your interest to find out more about how to create a stable, profitable business with an oven cleaning franchise from Ovenu, or give us a call on 01189 743911 for a free informal consultation.