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As you’d expect from a market-leading brand we’re right up there when it comes to all things online. Whether it be our local and national websites, our Social Media activity or our communication methods with existing clients, you’ll benefit immediately from all of our activity once we plug you into our systems.

High Visibility Internet Presence

Getting You seen Locally, Nationally and Internationally.

Whilst you’re undertaking your Induction Training we’ll be busy with our retained experts pulling together a quality, highly optimised internet presence for you. It’s just so important these days for prospective clients to be able to find you and your oven cleaning company from ‘local’ internet searches and have the ability to contact you DIRECTLY with no third-party interference.

And we’ll get you the ‘best of both worlds’ if needs be. Not just a high-ranking organic listings on the major search engines, but also a Google Pay-per-Click Campaign running alongside. As one of the UK’s most profitable oven cleaning franchises, we’re best equipped to help you make the most of your business.

We’ll also show you a few other tricks to gain additional web traffic at very little or even no cost at all. Naturally (as you’d expect) we’re not going to say what these are on this site! This information will be in your Operation Manual (more about that later).

All of our locally-optimised web pages are all built in the modern responsive design – like this site is – designed to adjust to whatever device it’s being viewed on so that everything is easy to see & read.

Access to our web presence has been made simple over the years. You’re sure to be found no matter what device is being used: desktop, tablet or mobile. Many of our hundreds of thousands of clients have already downloaded our new App onto their mobile phones!

We often get asked how important it is to have a high-visibility web presence. The answer, in our opinion anyway, is that it’s very important. And when you bear in mind that our websites and pages alone attract nearly 40,000 unique visitors a month (and rising) generating millions of pounds worth of business every year without you having to lift a finger, you’ll probably agree.

But that’s not to say that the more traditional routes to market could, or should, be ignored. The problem for the tiny one-man-band types and/or the fledgeling franchise operations is that they just haven’t got the resources to promote themselves in the national media or pay to retain the services of a professional Public Relations firm.

The great news for the Ovenu network though is that we have, and do, BOTH!

National Marketing

Using Economy of Scale.

So here’s a huge benefit of becoming an integral part of our business. You immediately get to see and appreciate how the ‘economy of scale’ comes into its own. Our existing franchisees cover just over 80% of the UK and everybody contributes a small monthly fee towards National Marketing. These small individual amounts of money wouldn’t cover much in their own rights but, when multiplied by over 100, the opportunities are almost endless!

Ovenu Social and Marketing Graphic

And to give you a brief overview of what we currently undertake on a national level for our network to enjoy and benefit from, here are a few examples.

  • Display advertising in selected, high circulation ‘Home & Garden’ type glossy magazines. These help significantly to raise brand awareness and drive extra traffic to our websites.
  • Promotions on ‘Property Specific’ third-party websites with links to our own sites.
  • Display adverts on premium Directory websites such as
  • Fully automated ‘Lead Generation’ deals on an exclusive basis.
  • Referrals directly from manufacturers.
  • National Freephone number with ‘Caller ID’ so that prospective clients can call you FREE and calls are routed to you automatically.
  • The retention of a high-class Public Relations Company, keeping you in the limelight locally both online and in the printed media.
  • Premium quality digital Content & Marketing pieces for online and offline use.
  • And a whole lot of retained experts looking over Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media, and Offline Media adverts.

National Television Spots

Increasing brand awareness and driving enquiries.

We pioneered TV ads a few years back and continue to run press campaigns that have helped continue to drive business for our franchisees.

GB News Interview

Annual Deep Clean Ad

Home Movers Ad

Return On Investment

A natural question that is asked by many at this stage is: “That’s all fine in principle, but what do I get by way of a return on investment here?

It’s a good question and the honest answer is this: between 200% and 1,200%.

The 200% return being achieved by those who just use a few of the marketing tools available and the 1,200% by those who use the majority of what is advised.

Our franchisees receive over 500 contacts a week via this website and over 3,000 phone calls a month to our local and national phone numbers. The combination of these marketing efforts alone amounts to over £450,000 of potential business a month.

All these enquiries are generated automatically and put franchisees directly in contact with consumers – quickly and efficiently and with no breaks in the communication chain. There’s absolutely no extra ‘per lead’ or booking fee cost to the franchisee – our monthly fees are all-inclusive.

Brochures & Cards

Offline media that gets results!

ovenu cards

Another integral part of your oven cleaning franchise package will be a good supply of quality, lead-generating generic brochures and personalised drop-cards. And, as a part of your Induction Training, we’ll be explaining what to do with either or both so that you get the absolute maximum return from your efforts.

Customised Client Contact

Making it easy to get in touch!

A further feature of our Start-Up package includes us arranging a local area phone number for your Ovenu business AND a Call Centre facility for you. In today’s modern technological world there’s no need for an expensive and potentially restrictive landline phone number with all of the associated wires and cables. Nor is there any need for the use of antiquated message taking equipment such as Ansafones!

Today’s modern businesses use modern technology and we’ve been way ahead of the game in this department for years. We’ve invested wisely over the past 20 years into anything and everything to make our franchisees’ businesses more effective and cost-efficient. This includes a CRM system that shows franchisees how to run a business in the most profitable and beneficial way. All franchisees get to use this system when working with us, we are market leaders in this respect.

We understand exactly what our franchisees and clients want and we deliver on all fronts. Equally importantly, we’ll teach you how to do the same.

Launch Campaign

Off and running, but at a pace to suit you.

It’s important to get your business off to a good start by having those all-important sales leads coming through as quickly as possible. What’s equally important though is that this happens at a pace that you’re comfortable with. You’ll not want to feel under pressure by being over-burdened with more enquiries than you can comfortably handle – neither do you want to have too little!

Ovenu launch campaign graphic

Getting the right balance is crucial and that’s why we tailor our Launch Campaigns to suit each individual franchisee.

We’ve successfully launched hundreds of franchisees around the world using this methodology. The practical thinking is very similar to obtaining a van that suits you and your territory; it’s very much an ‘individual’ thing and a topic that we’ll be delighted to chat about when we meet up.

What is important to point out at this stage however is that whatever pace you decide is right for you and your new business we’ll make certain that everything is properly planned, prepared and actioned.

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When you’ve done this we’ll immediately send you a brief résumé of this page PLUS a lot more financial information as well. This will include information about our fixed Management Fees, our very successful trading history to date, and the earnings potential that you can look forward to.