Oven Cleaning Franchise Training & Support with Ovenu

Induction Training & Ongoing Support

Ovenu Oven Cleaning Franchise

When joining our oven cleaning franchise, you’ll come along for a 5-day Induction training course where you’ll be guided by our staff that have 25+ years of knowledge & experience. You’ll quickly discover our entire, knowledgeable support team and be reassured that you’ve become an integral part of a truly global brand. Our current training & technical support manager has been working with us for over 19 years and has trained franchisees from Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

Induction Training

First off, you’ll spend a whole day getting to grips with the basics of running a business covering topics such as marketing, pricing, book-keeping and data storage.

This will be followed by 4 days of practical training; getting to know how to deliver spectacular results to consumers. These 4 days are split into two distinct halves.

The first 2 days are spent at our in-house Training Facility where we typically have 80 different items for you to witness – that’s more different appliances in one place than you’re likely to encounter in your first couple of years on the road!

You’ll learn what you can and can’t do, which of our unique products do what, why we have specially designed tools and how to use them. Toward the end of day 3, you’ll get to clean & valet your first oven using your new skills!

We’ve found over the years that this approach is way more time-efficient than asking a new franchisee to start learning lots of new techniques ‘over the shoulder’ in people’s homes.

Having the ‘safety net’ of our workshop environment is far better and significantly more reassuring for those entering a ‘whole new world’.

That said, once the basics have been covered and perfected, the next 2 days will be working ‘for real’ (with an experienced franchisee for guidance and help when needed) in genuine clients’ homes.

A massive benefit to you of us having had ISO accreditation is that you know we’re not going to neglect any element of your Induction Training. We’ll cover everything that you’ll need to know and you’ll be joining everybody within our network who have been trained to the same exacting standards. And, to ensure that you’re learning at a comfortable pace during training, we start reasonably early in the day but don’t finish until you’ve told us that you’re happy. If one or two topics need to be re-visited, that’s absolutely fine.

Our Induction Training is about getting things done properly – not to a timetable.

We should also mention that Induction Training is all about getting across the vitally important basics. Most things in life evolve and business is no different. A highly experienced franchised operation such as ours will have the on-going help and support systems in place to cope with evolution and keep you way ahead of the game!

Accommodation – Taken care of

You’ll not have far to travel either in the morning or evening as we’ll be covering the cost for you to stay overnight at a local hotel or B&B whilst you’re undertaking your Induction Training.



Supportive Franchise Network

Here to help your business grow.

ovenu forum

Robust training is just one aspect of the Ovenu oven cleaning franchise package. When you become an Ovenu Franchisee you’ll become part of a nationwide network of business owners who understand exactly what you’re going through. Our Franchisee Forum currently has over 600 topics and is the most valuable resource of its kind. You’ll also gain access to the most comprehensive list of discussion topics on pretty much any and every aspect of our business.

You’ll receive support from your fellow franchisees, but you’ll also get consistent support from the team at Ovenu itself. We traded right through the pandemic but were aware that enquiries were falling as a result of COVID fears. With this in mind, we reduced our management fees for 5 months for the franchisees to help them through.

We made sure that our national marketing and support stayed consistent throughout the worst of the pandemic, ensuring that our franchisees could really see the benefits of their investment once social restrictions began to lift. We used our social media channels and website to keep clients informed of the changing rules throughout; helping our franchisees to continue working in a safe environment.

Operations Manual

All you need to know.

Everything you need to know to get your business up and running is contained within our Operations Manual. The ultimate ‘back-up’ to what you’ll learn whilst undertaking your Induction Training and much, much more. This invaluable set of documents has been amended and adapted over the years as our business model has evolved over time.

We’d love to be able to list everything that your Manual contains but, with plagiarism being somewhat rife on the internet, we’d rather show you a copy when we meet up … we’re sure you’ll appreciate where we’re coming from here!

ovenu operations manual


Ready To Register Your Interest?

Get a closer look at how much an oven cleaning franchise costs or read our FAQs, and then ‘Register Your Interest’ using the contact form.

When you’ve done this we’ll immediately send you a brief résumé of this page PLUS a lot more financial information as well. This will include information about our fixed Management Fees, our very successful trading history to date, and the earnings potential that you can look forward to.