What is the Difference Between Oven Cleaning and Oven Valeting?

A clean oven is a more efficient oven. Over time grease and small particles of food can build up, often causing it to become increasingly smoky when in use and creating unpleasant smells. It is for this reason that you need to maintain an oven properly and clean it regularly.

However, sometimes a simple clean isn’t enough. Whilst it may remove most of the dirt, you are frequently left with some form of residue which can quickly build back up again. Valeting though is a far more comprehensive process.

In many ways, it is a very similar process to getting your car valeted. Whilst the engine is left well alone, every part of the oven or car is cleaned to an exacting standard. So rather than just a quick tidy up and hose down, your vehicle will be vacuumed and cleaned so that it is spotless – inside and out. This is exactly the same principle we employ when valeting an oven, minus the vacuuming of course.

Cleaning an oven is usually about dealing with the worst of the problems and getting it to sparkle again. Valeting though is about making it look and function like new once again. This means taking the time to get into every nook and cranny, clearing filters and bringing it up to showroom standard.

The value for any homeowner or professional kitchen comes with the significant improvement in the functionality of an oven. Opening the door and being engulfed in smoke or having the glass window covered in burnt on grime does little to help your enjoyment of cooking and it can even impair the taste of your food.

Therefore if you want to have an oven that is as clean and efficient as the first day you used it, then it’s well worth investing in professional valeting. Obviously there is a cost associated with this kind of service, but for many, it is one that is well worth paying. Removing unsightly stains, unpleasant odours and greasy deposits in one fell swoop, it can give you your old cooker back quickly and add years to its life.

Cleaning should be carried out regularly to counteract the build up of any such issues; however, there will often come a time when you need something over and above a conventional once over. This is when you need to seek a professional oven valeting service. The processes and products are that much more specialist that the end result is, perhaps inevitably, far more comprehensive as a consequence.