Oven Pride Oven Cleaner and BBQ Cleaner Product Recall

By on 10th July 2014 (updated: 10th March 2020) in Latest News

Unofficial Oven PrideThe recently announced product recall by Robert McBride Limited on many bottles of both Oven Pride Oven Cleaner & Oven Pride BBQ Cleaner really does emphasise how careful people need to be before and during the handling of D-I-Y cleaning products.

We feel that it is imperative for consumers to be 100% aware of the dangers involved if, or when, potentially harmful cleaners are used inappropriately. Equally importantly, the limitations of using caustic based products should be rigidly adhered to.

This particular product safety recall follows the discovery of some ‘unofficial’ Oven Pride products being sold by some smaller independent retailers over the past couple of months.

According to the website http://www.ovenpride.com/recall.php , the ‘unofficial’ product may have avoided safety checks.

You may agree with our thinking here ….. we find it rather odd that nobody undertaking the safety checks seems to have noticed that bright yellow ‘WARNING’ notices were missing from both the front of the bottles AND in two positions on the external packaging!

On the plus side however, McBride Ltd appear to equally understand and appreciate how important it is to have correctly labelled products on retailer’s shelves and they have placed a large advert in at least one national daily newspaper (Daily Telegraph, July 9th 2014) alerting members of the public to the risks of using an ‘unofficial’ product. There is also a prominent Safety Notice on their main Oven Pride website.

Here at OVENU we appreciate that some folk are comfortable cleaning their own ovens (and for many a good reason) but may have some of these products in their homes.

We’re publishing this article for all to see to help raise awareness to what could be a large quantity of ‘unofficial’ Oven Pride products which may or may not be correctly labelled with the appropriate WARNING NOTICES.

Image Credit: ovenpride.com

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