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Oven Cleaning Services Rugby

Dave Simmonds is your oven cleaning specialist in Rugby. Dave was a Contract Manager for a company sub-contracting on building sites countrywide, before joining Ovenu. He's proud of his punctuality and ability to make customers feel very comfortable with him in their own homes. In a previous life, he has also had work commissioned to be exhibited at trade shows.

Dave likes to attend horse racing in his spare time, as well as playing golf (once winning a week’s holiday to Portugal in a competition), cycling and watching football (he even played professionally at the very bottom of the paid ranks for a couple of seasons!). He's very proud of his two children, has had a couple of flying lessons on and off, and harbours a wish to own a couple of hawks one day. During the Covid-19 outbreak, Dave offered his services to the government shuttling vulnerable people.

Find out more about Dave's oven cleaning and his local insights below:

Available Oven Cleaning Services

AGA Cleaning Services

AGAs are classic looking appliances that can add a desirable aesthetic touch to many kitchens, however, they can be tricky, (and definitely time-consuming), to keep clean. Our technicians are trained to clean AGAs from top to bottom, so they can look and cook their best.

Oven Cleaners, Cookers & Hobs

Our standard oven cleaning service transforms an oven of practically any make and model back to near showroom standard. We have the tools of the trade to completely clean your cooker and hobs in a timely, tidy & efficient manner.

Oven Clean for Landlords & Tenants

Ovenu is the go-to choice for hundreds of discerning landlords and agencies, not to mention tenants who are reaching the end of their agreements and are looking to get their full security deposit back.

Range Style Oven Cleaning

Our Range style oven cleaning service helps you get the most out of your cooker, whilst taking away the arduous job of having to clean such a large piece of equipment. Our service comes recommended by range oven manufacturers Britannia and Lacanche.

Lacanche Range Oven Cleaning

There are over 20,000 of these French-style range cookers in the UK and all Ovenu technicians have been trained to clean them to the highest standard possible.

Rugby Oven Cleaning Information

Whilst the town of Rugby will likely forever be tied with the sport, you might be interested to find out that the school that bore its name refers to it as ‘football’. The rules of the game were first written in 1845 by three Rugby School pupils. Besides birthing a sport that is played around the world, Rugby School’s headmaster from 1828-1842 has been credited with ‘forging a template for standards of British public life’. Besides that one sport, Rugby also saw the first jet engine prototype built in 1937, by Coventry-born RAF officer, Sir Frank Whittle at the British Thomson-Houston (BTH) works in town.

Rugby also marks the start of the M6 motorway, the longest motorway in Britain. Over 226 miles of asphalt run from the town all the way up to Gretna. From there on, the road changes to the A74, which runs straight up to Glasgow – thankfully our Rugby oven cleaner doesn’t have to drive that far though!

Planning Your Oven Cleaning Needs

Ovenu is the UK’s biggest oven cleaning business network with over 120 highly trained technicians across the country. Call us, or send us an email to arrange for your oven cleaning service in Rugby.

Our Rugby Oven Cleaning Specialist

Areas Covered:

As well as covering Rugby, I also work in Leamington, Warwick, Coventry, Nuneaton, Bedworth, Kenilworth, Stratford, Shipston, Southam, Gaydon & Surrounding villages.

Postcodes Covered:

CV21 CV22 CV23 CV31 CV32 CV33 CV34 CV2 CV3 CV4 CV5 CV6 CV7 CV8 CV10 CV11 CV12 CV35 CV36 CV37 CV47

Oven Cleaning Rates

To ensure the best value service for all our customers, all oven cleaning prices are quoted on a job by job basis. Your bespoke price will be based on your exact requirements and will be confirmed by email when you book with Dave. You can find out more by reading our Pricing Policy.

Why choose Ovenu?

Established in 1994, Ovenu are the market leaders in domestic oven cleaning. Our professional technicians are fully trained to an ISO standard and take pride in each and every job they complete.


Every Ovenu technician is trained to complete their work to the highest standard possible in addition to providing a professional level of customer service from start to finish. As a result, our technicians have garnered thousands of 5-star reviews from satisfied customers all over the UK.

Local Insights

Dave says: “The Oak and Black Dog, is a great pub for all the usual reasons; host, beer, atmosphere and food. I don’t eat out as often as I’d like, but I do like a good curry, The Titash in Rugby Town Centre is my favourite.”

Oven Cleaning Tips & Resources

Ovenu are specialist experts in the world of oven cleaning and we’re more than happy to share our knowledge. Delve into our guides to find out more:

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