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Oven Cleaning Services Suffolk South

Chris and Vicky Gilmore are your local oven cleaning specialists in Suffolk South. They are truly expert oven cleaners being rightly proud of gathering over 300 5-Star reviews from delighted clients throughout the area. Before becoming a local area franchisee with Ovenu, Chris served in the army for 10 years & during this time he served in Germany, Belgium and Cyprus. He's originally from Belfast (you'd never know as the accent has drifted!) and moved to Suffolk in 1989. 

Chris is very interested in history in general and likes to find out about where he lives and how it has been shaped and affected by history, especially during the 20th century. He's also interested in gardening and photography. Both Chris and Vicky also enjoy going out to restaurants in the local area.

Find out more about Chris and Vicky's oven cleaning service below, as well as their local insights:

Available Oven Cleaning Services

AGA Cleaning Services

AGAs are classic looking appliances that can add a desirable aesthetic touch to many kitchens, however, they can be tricky, (and definitely time-consuming), to keep clean. Our technicians are trained to clean AGAs from top to bottom, so they can look and cook their best.

Oven Cleaners, Cookers & Hobs

Our standard oven cleaning service transforms an oven of practically any make and model back to near showroom standard. We have the tools of the trade to completely clean your cooker and hobs in a timely, tidy & efficient manner.

Oven Clean for Landlords & Tenants

Ovenu is the go-to choice for hundreds of discerning landlords and agencies, not to mention tenants who are reaching the end of their agreements and are looking to get their full security deposit back.

Range Style Oven Cleaning

Our Range style oven cleaning service helps you get the most out of your cooker, whilst taking away the arduous job of having to clean such a large piece of equipment. Our service comes recommended by range oven manufacturers Britannia and Lacanche.

Lacanche Range Oven Cleaning

There are over 20,000 of these French-style range cookers in the UK and all Ovenu technicians have been trained to clean them to the highest standard possible.

Suffolk South Oven Cleaning Information

Suffolk’s name can be traced all the way back to the fifth century when the region was a part of the Kingdom of East Anglia. The people living here were ‘South folk’, relatively speaking, and over time the name was attributed to the place where they lived. In today’s world, ‘East folk’ might be a better term for locals, as Suffolk is the furthest East you can go in the UK. There’s a specific breed of horses that is endemic to this region: Suffolk Punch horses. Chestnut in colour and hardworking by nature, the ‘punch’ is derived from their stocky build.

Other than hardworking houses, you’ll also find Britain’s smallest pub. The aptly named, Nutshell pub in Suffolk is in Bury St Edmunds. The interior measures 15ft by 7ft and the most people that have been able to simultaneously squeeze in stands at 102. Lowestoft Ness, in Suffolk, is Britain’s most easterly point. As such, Suffolk folk are among the first people in the country to greet the sun. Perfect for early birds who want to make the most out of their day (such as our oven cleaners)!

Planning Your Oven Cleaning Needs

Ovenu is the UK’s biggest oven cleaning business network with over 120 highly trained technicians across the country. Call us, or send us an email to arrange for your oven cleaning service in Suffolk South.

Our Suffolk South Oven Cleaning Specialist

Areas Covered:

Ipswich, Felixstowe, Woodbridge and all local towns and villages

Postcodes Covered:

IP5, IP6, IP10, IP11, IP12, IP13, IP14, IP15, IP16, IP17

Oven Cleaning Rates

To ensure the best value service for all our customers, all oven cleaning prices are quoted on a job by job basis. Your bespoke price will be based on your exact requirements and will be confirmed by email when you book with Chris and Vicky. You can find out more by reading our Pricing Policy.

Why choose Ovenu?

Established in 1994, Ovenu are the market leaders in domestic oven cleaning. Our professional technicians are fully trained to an ISO standard and take pride in each and every job they complete.


Every Ovenu technician is trained to complete their work to the highest standard possible in addition to providing a professional level of customer service from start to finish. As a result, our technicians have garnered thousands of 5-star reviews from satisfied customers all over the UK.

Local Insights

Chris and Vicky say: “We have two pubs close to us, both of which are very good: The Wilford Bridge, and the Coach and Horses. Both serve delicious food, but our favourite would definitely be The Coach and Horses. It is within walking distance, the food is delicious and it has a fine selection of local beers.

We don’t dine out regularly, but when we do, we like to stay local. Woodbridge is a lovely market town with a good selection of places to eat, one of our favourites would be The Royal Bengal in Quay Street, we also like our local branch of Prezzos. There are lots of independent restaurants as well, one of Vic’s favourites would be The Table, which is also in Quay Street.

Woodbridge stands on the River Deben and is on the edge of an AONB.  It is also close to the Anglo Saxon burial ground at Sutton Hoo, widely regarded as one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of all time.”

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