Pub Grub: How Clean Is Your Kitchen?

By on 17th June 2014 (updated: 10th March 2020) in Cleaning Tips

British Pub Interior

The kitchen is the engine room of a good pub and can drive the business forward by delivering great food to the pass.

The bar area is of course also important, but people expect a lot more from a pub than just a good drink – the quality of the food served can make all the difference to whether they decide to visit again.

When people recommend a pub to their friends it’s usually because of the menu on offer. No one drives thirty miles just for a drink, but if the food is special, people will come from far and wide and they’ll keep coming back for more and more.

Pub Kitchens

Even the best chefs will struggle to produce a consistent standard of delicious, well presented food, if they have to work in a cramped, chaotic kitchen.

A lot of pub kitchens are limited for space, harking back to the day when they were little more than somewhere to stick a pie in the microwave or keep the milk cold in the fridge.

Lack of space, however, doesn’t mean you can’t stay on top of things and keep all work areas, including ovens, fryers and sinks spotless.

The same applies if you’ve got the luxury of working in the large kitchen of a gastro pub, with all the latest equipment. Any chef or professional cook worth his or her salt will demand a first class cleaning regime in the kitchen.

The Importance of a Clean Kitchen

Working with fresh equipment in a properly cleaned kitchen helps to produce top quality dishes and drastically reduces the risk of spoiled or contaminated food.

There’s a lot going on every day in a busy kitchen with steam, smoke, splashes and spills all accumulating on floors and work surfaces. Cookers and ovens start to get a build-up of grease and burnt on bits of food. It’s not always easy after a long shift in the kitchen to carry out a thorough wipe down, inside and out, but it has to be done, and done regularly.

The Implications of Running a Filthy Kitchen

The local authority inspectors take a keen interest in the state of commercial kitchens.

Any pub fined for running a dirty kitchen is bound to suffer a loss of reputation and it’s hard to regain the public’s trust. The news gets around, not just via the local press but on social media and sites such as Trip Advisor, which often feature posts from people who have been put off by the lack of hygiene they spot in pubs.

A simple cleaning regime should be standard in any pub kitchen.

Items should be washed and disinfected to eliminate harmful bacteria include work surfaces, chopping boards, cloths, utensils, fridges and freezers, door handles, light switches and any other surface touched by hands.

Rigorous Hygiene in Your Pub

If you have taken over a pub kitchen for the first time or want to implement a more rigorous hygiene policy, then you might want to consider using a professional valeting service to carry out a impactful clean.

You can try and do this yourself using standard washing methods but in critical areas such as the cooker, grill and oven, a professional service has the right equipment and expertise to complete a thorough job.

A deep clean of your kitchen is not only good practice but an investment in your business and its reputation.

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