Should Schools Use Professional Oven Cleaning Services?

As well as providing students with a quality education, schools are also charged with their care throughout the day. Therefore, providing a safe and hygienic environment for pupils is absolutely essential. This is easier to achieve in some departments than others.

Just as science teachers and technicians need to ensure that dangerous chemicals are handled properly and cleaned away, so the home economics department must take care to ensure all surfaces and appliances are germ-free. With dozens of students passing through, using knives, chopping boards and ovens, it’s easy for dirt and harmful bacteria to build up. This is why a major emphasis is placed on cleanliness and ensuring everything is washed up ready to use again.

However, whilst you can easily wash plates, cutlery and utensils, the major appliances can prove to be a slightly tougher proposition. First of all you have to wait until the appliance has cooled down sufficiently before even attempting to wipe it all down. Secondly, the chemicals often used can be harmful and therefore should only be handled by professional cleaners or experienced staff. Lastly, ovens can cost a lot to replace, so if in the process it gets damaged, the school will have to foot a hefty bill.

Many educational establishments will choose to clean all appliances in one fell swoop, often over the weekend or during holidays. It’s essentially though that this is done regularly, even during periods of apparent inactivity. Just as your cooker at home can become clogged up with dirt and grime, the same is true of those in a home economics classroom.

During long periods of inactivity, such as the summer holidays where temperatures can soar, it’s easy for bacteria to spread. As such, ensuring that they are cleaned fully before, during or even towards the end of these breaks is essential. Some technicians and cleaning teams within the school may well be able to carry out such duties, but it is a time consuming process and one that is far from pleasant.

As such, drafting in a trained individual or even a team of oven cleaners to carry out a full valeting service on the appliances may prove to be hugely beneficial. Depending on the level of usage, this may only need to be one once or maybe twice a year. Following a comprehensive clean, you will be able to enjoy using hygienic ovens that work to their full potential.

Remember, after a full deep clean, ovens can potentially enable them to operate more efficiently. As a result top temperatures can be reached and in a much quicker time. If they are in regular use, as they are likely to be in a school environment, this can help to save time and money on your energy bills.

So there are a number of potential benefits for schools who are looking to have their ovens cleaned professionally. Budget will of course be a major factor, but by bringing in trained, insured professionals, you will always be assured of a great result. Ultimately hygiene has to be the top priority within an educational environment, so it could prove to be a worthwhile investment if you are unable to carry out the work through internal cleaning teams.