Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen

By on 9th April 2013 (updated: 10th March 2020) in Cleaning Tips

It’s more than likely that your kitchen is the area of your house that attracts the most mess. Whether it’s from food preparation or the storage of perishable goods, there’s a lot that goes on in a kitchen which can leave its levels of cleanliness lacking.

Dirty plates pile up, and as the desire to do the washing up fades after each meal, mess can easily start to build.

It’s not just the obvious spots which you have got to be wary of either. Appliances that are left undusted for long period of time can become coated in dirt. An unclean fridge can attract all kinds of off-putting smells, and if food isn’t sealed properly when it’s put away it can leak and cause stains.

Nobody likes cooking or eating on a dirty surface, and whilst our expert technicians can leave even the dirtiest ovens sparkling, it’s up to you to make sure that the rest of your kitchen is spic and span. With spring just around the corner, what better time to give your kitchen a well needed clean?

Modern KitchenWash and Tidy

You should start by making as much space as possible. Fill the sink and wash up any dirty kitchenware you have lying about. Once everything’s been cleaned, dry it all off but don’t put any of it back quite yet. Instead put it somewhere safe and out of the way so you can focus your efforts on cleaning out the cupboards.

Clear out the Cupboards

Unless it’s absolutely freezing outside, you can use this opportunity to air out your kitchen by opening all the doors and windows wide. If you’ve got the space you could use this time to take everything out of your drawers and cupboards and give them a thorough wipe down with a cloth.

This is your chance to get rid of all your unwanted and out of date items, so be sure to check all the food, including the stuff that usually gets pushed to back of the cupboard and forgotten about. A useful tip is to bring forward the food you use most, so you’ll have everything at hand when you need it and plus you’ll regularly be able to see what you have left behind it. If possible, take all your drawers out and give them a good shake and a clean. This’ll dislodge any crumbs of food and dust that have somehow found their way inside and give you a chance to reorganise your storage.

Once everything is to your liking, you can once again put all your crockery and food back into your cupboards.

Now to get started on that fridge….

Clean the Fridge

In order to give your fridge a well-earned spring clean, you need to take out all the shelves and loose components, washing them with warm, soapy water as you go. To clean the inside of your fridge you should use products free from caustic soda. You can mix bicarbonate of soda together with water to make a paste that acts as a powerful unscented, natural cleaner. You can also store an open cup of bicarbonate of soda in your fridge to absorb any unwanted smells.

Make sure everything is completely dry before you put it all back, and use this opportunity to throw away any out of date food as well.

Apartment Kitchen
Wipe the Surfaces

By now everything should be looking spring fresh, so there’s just one more thing left to do. Spray, wipe, dust, and polish every surface you see. From your light fixtures to your oven chimney, and the sink to the door handles, be sure you wipe every surface you can reach to clean.

Be careful if you’re using chemical cleaners, check their labels before use to ensure all your products are eco-friendly and safe to apply on different surfaces.

Once you’re finished, you’ll be free to enjoy your newly glistening kitchen.


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