Students, Ensure Your Oven Is Cleaned!

At this time of year, many students will be moving back into their student digs. If it’s the first time you’ve moved into to your new flat or you’re returning from a summer away, it’s essential that you make a few checks first.

Now depending on what you’re landlord is like, your new student accommodation should be relatively clean before you move in. If not, then this is something for you to take up with them and your university. One of the key things to check is that your oven is thoroughly clean. There’s nothing worse than seeing a dirty oven which hasn’t be cleaned in months, so imagine what it’s like if you move into a new flat only to see an oven covered in grease and food particles.

Generally speaking this shouldn’t happen for when you move into new accommodation, but it’s always worth checking because ovens are essential cooking equipment, especially amongst students because of their ease of use. In all likeliness, unless it’s a brand new oven, it would have been used quite a lot with the previous tenants.

There’s a variety of reasons that an oven needs to be thoroughly cleaned before you use it. As mentioned this should be overseen by the landlord, but also to ensure your health, so that your food is cooked properly, and finally because an unclean oven can also slow down effectiveness meaning that it’ll probably cost you more in gas or electricity to cook your food.

The issue of an unclean oven is as a result of previous tenants not cleaning it before their tenancy agreement ran out. This is where the landlord will charge them or withdraw money from their deposit to pay for the oven to be professional cleaned. If that’s the case, then your oven should be clean when you move in. But it also means that you need to make sure that when you leave, the oven is left exactly as how you saw it when you moved in – if that was impeccably clean, then you’ll need to make sure it is left like this when you leave.

Why do you need to do that? Well because if you don’t, your landlord is liable to withdraw money from your deposit to have it professionally cleaned. To avoid this charge you can make sure the oven is cleaned yourself, but be warned, if you use certain cleaning products, you could end up doing more harm than good. As a result your landlord may charge you for the damage you’ve caused.

It’s only cleaning products that contain caustic acid or sodium hydroxide which can cause major damage. Unfortunately these are found in most standard cleaning products, especially those that you can find on the high street or in the supermarket. The effects of using these can harm the seams and trims, whilst also corroding the heating elements.

To avoid such issues, it’s best to ensure your oven is professionally cleaned, using caustic free cleaning products. These can be found with any professional cleaning service such as Ovenu.