Your New Year Kitchen Detox: Part 2

Kitchen sink being cleaned with rubber gloves

If you saw our first blog post on how to give your kitchen a deep clean and a detox for the beginning of the year, we bet your kitchen is now gleaming. If you want it to remain clean and tidy, this is one New Year’s resolution you’ll need to stay on top of.

We talk you through how to keep on top of your cleaning with top tips and life hacks to make keeping your kitchen clean as easy and pain-free as can be.


Dirty Kitchen

Did you know that your kitchen can easily become a popular hangout for a wide variety of bugs if it is not regularly cleaned, and food is not stored properly?

From flies that hover around the room, to mysterious bugs spotted in your pantry or cupboards, as soon as you see one of these pests you have identified a possible contaminant in your kitchen.

But don’t panic! By being able to figure out just what can hide in your kitchen, you can eliminate the cause before the problem arises. (more…)

File:2008 kitchen.JPGThere’s a lot that goes on in your kitchen; from food preparation to storage and waste disposal. It’s estimated that the average UK household throws away 7.2 million tonnes of food a year.

As much fun as you can have around the kitchen, there’s a lot of hidden dangers you’ve got to be wary of. Unhygienic spaces are a breeding ground for bacteria, which can cause anyone who comes into contact with them to become horribly ill. Food that’s left past its ‘use by’ date, or not stored or cooked properly, can act as a platform on which germs can rapidly grow. (more…)

Much like Christmas, it’s not uncommon for your kitchen to get a fair bit of usage over the Easter break. It’s a great time to catch up with friends and family, and host get-togethers or evening parties. With this in mind, just think of all the extra cooking you’ve done? In addition, if you have children, it’s highly likely that for a week or two you’ll be cooking up lunches and dinners more regularly than if they were still at school.

Easter cooking

No matter what, Easter is about eating good food (as well as lots of chocolates) but, have you stopped to think about what all that extra cooking will do to your kitchen, especially your oven? Probably not, but you should do, because Easter isn’t just a great time to stock up on good food, it’s a time to give your house a good old spring clean, and the kitchen should be your first port of call.

There’s probably no other room that is as vital to stay clean, tidy and hygienic as your kitchen. It’s imperative that food is prepared, cooked and served in an environment that is sanitary and grime-free. If not, you could seriously be jeopardising the health of yourself and those for whom you are cooking. So where do you start?

Clean the kitchen – specifically the oven

Well, first things first, make sure the floors, walls, surfaces and cupboards are free from grease, dirt and grime. You probably won’t want to use the same cleaning product on your floors as you do your surfaces, but either way, ensure you give them a thorough clean. Then of course you have your appliances that need a good scrubbing. Things like your microwave, as well as white goods will need a cloth running over them. However more importantly, and one thing that tends to get neglected is the oven.

Arguably, this is one appliance that gets the most usage within your kitchen. As a result, just think of all the grease and grime that builds up over the days and weeks throughout Easter. There are the food spillages within or on your oven too. Any regular user of an oven will tell you that when food spillages are left within ovens (even small food particles) it can have disastrous effects, causing a great deal of smoke. Ultimately this will ruin your food, as well as the smell of your kitchen and even throughout the rest of your home.

How are you going to clean your oven?

So, Easter presents a great time to make sure your oven is up-to-scratch, ready to be used to cook food effectively and healthily. The next thing to consider is how you’re going to go about doing this. You can either clean the oven yourself, or get a professional cleaning oven service to do the job for you. Either way, your decision is entirely dependable on your needs and circumstances. However, for parents and individuals who are heading back to work after a nice Easter break, you may not have adequate time to get the job done yourself.

Whether you opt to don the marigolds yourself or employ the services of an oven cleaning company, it’s important the job gets done well, with the right cleaning products too. All too often, people use cleaning products that contain caustic-soda, which can cause a lot of problems both to the functioning or the aesthetics of your oven. So, be sure to look carefully at what products you’re using.

So, now Easter is done and dusted, make sure you get your kitchen and oven back in shape.

Very few rooms in the home get as much usage as the kitchen. With all the cooking and preparation that goes on, it can become dirty quite quickly. Whilst you will invariably clean surfaces as you go along, leaks and spillages can still accumulate and leave their mark on your appliances, cupboards and flooring.

Only by carrying out a thorough deep clean can you eradicate all of this accumulated filth and return your kitchen to a pristine condition. With spring just around the corner and everybody looking to freshen up their homes for the summer months, there’s no better time to get started on your kitchen.

Why is the kitchen so important?

Of course you want to make sure that your living areas are spotless if you’re carrying out a spring clean, so get to work on your bedrooms and lounge by all means, just don’t forget about the kitchen. It’s easily done. After all, there are some pretty dirty jobs to be done and it generally gets a good deal of attention throughout the year.

However, this shouldn’t be used as an excuse to ignore what is a very important job. As well as making sure that your cupboards are cleaned out, you should also look to give your oven a thorough spruce up and perhaps take the opportunity to defrost and clean out your fridge freezer. The longer you leave these jobs, the more difficult they become. So it’s worth taking the bull by the horns and getting them all done in one fell swoop.

So what do you need to do?

There are a lot of surfaces in the average kitchen, so it’s always advisable to have a clear strategy for the work that needs to be done and in which order. You may wish to start at the bottom and work your way up, or simply go from one end to the other. It’s important that you don’t create more mess as you tidy though, which is why a plan of attack is so vital.

There’s no shame in cutting corners, as long as you still achieve the same end result. In other words you can always hire experts to carry out the jobs you either don’t want to do or require a professional’s input. Oven cleaning is a great example of this.

You can spend hours sourcing the right chemicals, scrubbing the inside of your oven and then applying the cleaner. It’s not a particularly quick or clean process. Then you also face the risk of damaging your oven in the process, either stripping the enamel or breaking the door. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it can be a bit of a minefield.

So why not spend a few pounds bringing in an insured, experienced oven cleaner to do it for you? You’re assured of a great result and this will enable you to get on with other jobs while they work.

Don’t forget to pull out your appliances to clean behind, underneath and around each one. Clear your cupboards and give them a wipe down with a damp cloth and get your floor sparkling by vacuuming and possibly mopping it too. The end result should be a kitchen that looks as good as new and is ready for another year of regular usage.