Oven Maintenance To Extend Your Ovens Lifespan

People say that things aren’t built to last anymore. Are they not, or is it that we just don’t look after them properly? Take household appliances for example, they’ll be put to the test day-in-day out through the course of their lives. If you look after them, they’ll get used a lot more often than those which are ignored, not maintained, poorly serviced or kept unclean. This will save you money as well as effort in the long run, and it also means that you’re appliances will stay performing to their best for longer.

For anyone who has just made a large purchase, for example on a brand new oven, the last thing you’ll want is to have to purchase a new one in a few years time, especially if it’s because you didn’t look after it properly. As a result of the current financial climate, disposable income is being reduced year-on-year for most UK households; this means that it’s imperative to look after appliances like ovens, otherwise you’ll end up forking out a load more money buying a new one.

In light of this, here are some tips on oven maintenance to preserve the life of your oven.

Clean spillages regularly

Whether you’re cooking on the hob or inside the oven, if something spills, wait for the oven to cool then clear immediately. This will prevent any grease and grime from building which causes your oven to slow down and also causes food not to be cooked properly.

Clean the oven thoroughly at least once every two or three months

One of the biggest mistakes people make is to leave their oven unclean for over a year. Not only will this affect the taste of your food, it can also harm the effectiveness of your oven, meaning that food won’t get cooked properly.

Check the oven’s temperature gauge

The best way to check that your oven is performing to its best is to be vigilant of the temperature gauge. Try cooking a basic cake, exactly following the instructions from a cookery book. If the cake isn’t cooked properly, then be sure to have it looked at or serviced.

Be sure to have it serviced

As mentioned above, this way you’ll know your oven always performs to its best. If the temperature isn’t as it should be, or the seals and trims have corroded, then your oven just simply won’t work as well. With a service, these problems can be fixed swiftly.

Be sure to use the appropriate cleaning products

Oven Cleaning products found on the high street and in the supermarkets contain a corrosive chemical called caustic soda. This can damage both the functionality and the aesthetics of your oven. Be sure to use an oven cleaning service that only uses caustic soda-free products.

Don’t rely on self cleaning ovens

This is referring to the way in which owners of self cleaning ovens use the self cleaning mode as a way of thoroughly cleaning their oven. Overreliance of this will see you purchasing a new oven in no time because components have been known to burn out as the oven runs at an extremely high temperature.

Whilst it isn’t exactly the most romantic gift you can get your loved one for this year’s Valentine’s Day, it is no doubt very thoughtful, and from your partner’s perspective, incredibly useful. It also makes perfect sense if you’re going to be cooking up a treat this year.

Getting the oven cleaned is one of those chores we love to put off – it can take a while, and if you don’t have the right cleaning products, it can either be an arduous task, or worse still it can damage your oven. For many people who live busy lives, and don’t fancy the task of the dreaded oven clean, there is one method that’s proving to be very popular – oven cleaning services. Believe it or not, it may just be the perfect gift for your Valentine this year (along with the statutory chocolates and flowers, of course).

A Gift For You Both

If you are planning on cooking a nice romantic meal, to show off your culinary skills, then be sure to get the fundamentals in place to start with. So, make sure you’re going to cook her favourite meal, and serve her favourite wine. The key here is preparation, so be sure to have enough room in the kitchen, and above all else, make sure it’s clean and tidy. In order to cook her favourite meal to a good and healthy standard, you must ensure everything is clean beforehand; otherwise what would be a nice romantic idea could turn out to be a culinary disaster – the food may taste revolting, or even worse, it could not be cooked properly, causing a risk of food poisoning, rendering all of your efforts pointless.

When it comes to getting the kitchen clean and tidy, make sure you give yourself time and clean all the necessities. So pots, pans, cutlery, and all surfaces as well as the oven itself. The chances are the oven hasn’t been cleaned in a while; normally people only really do this a couple of times a year. However, to make sure the meal you make for your loved one is cooked properly and tastes exceptional, you need a thoroughly clean oven to start with.

If you’re really prepared then you could do this yourself when the other half isn’t around, however time is always going to be an issue, and to clean an oven properly you’re going to need time. It’s also important to clean your oven with right types of products. This is for a variety of reasons, but most high street and supermarket oven cleaning products contain caustic soda which is incredibly corrosive and could damage the oven both functionally and aesthetically. The best solution then is to use an oven cleaning service that only uses caustic soda-free cleaning products. This will leave you safe in the knowledge that the oven is thoroughly clean, ready to perform to its best for your big night.

For anyone looking to make the perfect meal for their Valentine this year, to start with you’re going to need a thoroughly clean oven; otherwise your best laid plans will all be in vain. It’s also a lovely gesture and very thoughtful, as anyone will tell you, cleaning the oven is no fun task. So for this year’s Valentine’s Day, make sure your evening goes according to plan without any hiccups – cleaning your oven could make all the difference.

Ovens accumulate grease, spilt foods and food particles, it’s an inevitability. However the amount of food spillage and grease that’s accumulated really depends on the individuals using the oven, what they’re cooking and how often they use the oven. This makes putting a time frame on cleaning your oven quite difficult, because some ovens maybe used more frequently than others, whilst different foods are used as well.

The best way to prevent grease and food building up is to give the oven a quick wipe and a clean after each time you use the oven. For example, if you’ve been frying and you can see fat and grease on the hobs, its best to give them a wipe down after usage. The same can be said when cooking inside the oven itself. However the problem with this philosophy is that not everyone has the time to clean the inside of their oven, whilst fat and grease spills are not always visible.

It’s definitely wise to remove and food spillages as often as possible from the insides of ovens. When foods have spilled and are left inside, this can cause unnecessary smoking which will not only set off your fire alarm, but the smell can permeate into rooms, and even ruin the food that you’re cooking in the first place.

It’s unrealistic for an oven to be cleaned every time after usage, and so many of us allow for dirt and grime to build up before we attempt to do something about it. However, in some cases it may be a year or even two years before the cleaning products are purchased and used to tackle the grime that has built up. This really shouldn’t be the case, because dirty ovens are inefficient ovens, it’s unhygienic and the smell can often destroy any nice smelling home.

So what’s the solution? It’s good to get into the habit of cleaning an oven thoroughly between every two and 12 weeks. Again the time frame needed is really down to the amount you use it and the types of foods that are cooked in it. For example, if the oven is constantly being used to cook large family dinners where foods can spill and cause odours, then it is advised to clean the oven thoroughly every couple of weeks. Whereas someone who uses a microwave or the oven hobs a lot may not necessarily need to clean their oven every couple of weeks because it may have only been used a couple of times in that period.

Also think about the times when you’re entertaining guests or have family round for holiday periods. Would you feel embarrassed if guests came round and you opened the oven door to reveal a stench that could seep into your home?

It’s advisable to clean your oven as often as possible, not only for aesthetics, but for hygiene reasons as well as for efficient and effective cooking.