Valentine’s Day: Go Out or Stay In? Infographic

Valentine's Day Heart


Ah, Valentine’s Day: the time of year when couples publically display their love for each other and bouquets of roses are delivered to the office, inadvertently competing with other bunches of flowers that are also left at reception.

We love our new Valentine’s themed infographic helping us make the decision between heading out or staying in. What are you doing this Valentine’s Day?


Oven cleaning

We all know how arduous oven cleaning can be but did you know about the dangers of using off-the-shelf-oven cleaners? Just because they’re bought from a known store does not mean that the chemicals used are safe.

Our franchisee, Jonathan Fry (Ovenu Bolton) spoke with Mrs. Brown, from Westhoughton, about the accident that occurred when she used oven cleaner.


We are fast-approaching the busy holiday season, and self-catering holiday rentals continue to be a popular choice for holidaymakers across the globe.

Whether you own a cottage in the Cornish countryside, a villa in a vibrant tourist spot or a chic city pad, holidays are popular with Britons and overseas visitors, and account for the main source of visits to the UK.


When it comes to housework, keeping a home spic and span is often a top priority.

But when it comes to oven cleaning, do you really know what you are using to keep your oven looking nice? And are you aware of the potentially harmful side effects some ingredients could have on you and your family?


Dirty OvenNo one enjoys cleaning the oven, but sooner or later it has to be done. A build-up of grime, crumbs and burnt fat can result in a smoky, smelly oven that only gets harder and harder to clean.

Before you tackle those tough stains and hard to reach areas, read through our top tips on bringing your oven back to life.


Dirty Oven

You might be surprised at how popular a question this is, but in a lot of cases, people who have experienced problems with their oven often put it down to wear and tear. In reality, a rigorous clean can help resolve a number of issues and save you a fortune compared to forking out for a new model.

The problem is a lot of homeowners are unable to distinguish between complications caused by a build-up of grit and grime, clogging up vital internal components. Although this isn’t always the case, it’s always good to try a thorough clean before committing to a new purchase.

With this in mind, we thought we’d help you to identify and troubleshoot a few common issues that a dirty oven can cause. (more…)

British Pub Interior

The kitchen is the engine room of a good pub and can drive the business forward by delivering great food to the pass.

The bar area is of course also important, but people expect a lot more from a pub than just a good drink – the quality of the food served can make all the difference to whether they decide to visit again.

When people recommend a pub to their friends it’s usually because of the menu on offer. No one drives thirty miles just for a drink, but if the food is special, people will come from far and wide and they’ll keep coming back for more and more. (more…)

Dirty Kitchen

Did you know that your kitchen can easily become a popular hangout for a wide variety of bugs if it is not regularly cleaned, and food is not stored properly?

From flies that hover around the room, to mysterious bugs spotted in your pantry or cupboards, as soon as you see one of these pests you have identified a possible contaminant in your kitchen.

But don’t panic! By being able to figure out just what can hide in your kitchen, you can eliminate the cause before the problem arises. (more…)

Online Survey

The Numbers Are In!

But first, let us start by saying a huge thank you to those who took part in our customer questionnaire, which has been running from December all the way to February this year. (more…)

Dirty Oven

Now we all know that cleaning the oven is perhaps the worst out of all of the household chores. We frantically do our best to clean the specks of dirt that we, and our visitors, can see on an everyday basis, often ignoring important equipment like the microwave or stove. But did you know that there are a number of dangers and risks associated with neglecting a dirty cooker?

Take a look below at some of the problems an unclean oven can cause, whether you’re a homeowner or you run a business. (more…)