Glorious Gluten-Free Recipe Ideas


If you are on a gluten-free diet, you will be no stranger to the specific types of grains which must be avoided.

Grains containing gluten include wheat, barley and rye, and for many people who are on a gluten-free diet, this can sometimes be frustrating.

But needing to eat gluten-free foods for health reasons doesn’t need to be restrictive or annoying; there are plenty of tasty gluten-free recipes that can be tried to add some zing to your cooking.


A Freshly Baked Pie

Ah the pie; a true staple of classic British cuisine in all its glory. And what better way to celebrate this succulent dish than dedicating an entire week to cooking, eating and promoting the best pies around with British Pie Week?

Starting back in 2007, the festivities begin on the first Monday of March and last for a full 7 days. If you fancy cooking up something a little different at home over the next few days, there’s no better time to get involved than 2014’s British Pie Week.

Here at Ovenu we do love a good pie, that’s why we thought we’d share four of our most favourite and delicious recipes to whip up this year. There’s a little something in here that’s sure to tickle almost everyone’s fancy.

Little-girl-and-big-fresh-fish-16369082[1]It’s a well-known fact that fish is a superfood; it’s jam-packed with healthy vitamins and is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids. Eating fish can help you concentrate and reduces risk of heart disease. It’s also an incredibly versatile dish to cook with, with such a wide selected of sustainably sourced seafood available here in the UK.

It’s worth learning how to cook and prepare a fishy dish properly so that you can treat yourself to this awesome brain-food whenever you like. Why not try your hand at one of the four fantastic fish recipes below? Let us know how you got on over on our Facebook page. (more…)

Roast LambRoast lamb may be known as the quintessential Sunday dish, but in reality it’s the perfect meal for all occasions. It’s so good in fact, that Australia recently voted Roast Lamb to be their national dish.

Lamb doesn’t just have to be roasted though, as you’ll see from the recipe’s below it’s actually an incredibly versatile meat. Different cultures cook their lamb in very different ways, but below are the recipes to three typically British lamb dishes for you to enjoy. (more…)

Every country and culture has its own signature dishes; here in the UK we have roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, Spain has paella and Jamaica has jerk chicken. Yes you truly have to travel the world to experience all the flavours and foods available, some of which will be much more appetising to certain people than others, because different cultures consider different foods acceptable. Eating horse meat, for example, is considered taboo in England, whilst in France it’s considered rather normal.

Below is a collection of recipes containing all kinds of foods, and whilst they might be considered slightly unusual here in the UK, they’re perfectly acceptable in other places around the world. (more…)