Is My Oven Broken Or Does It Need A Clean?

Dirty Oven

You might be surprised at how popular a question this is, but in a lot of cases, people who have experienced problems with their oven often put it down to wear and tear. In reality, a rigorous clean can help resolve a number of issues and save you a fortune compared to forking out for a new model.

The problem is a lot of homeowners are unable to distinguish between complications caused by a build-up of grit and grime, clogging up vital internal components. Although this isn’t always the case, it’s always good to try a thorough clean before committing to a new purchase.

With this in mind, we thought we’d help you to identify and troubleshoot a few common issues that a dirty oven can cause. (more…)

Whilst oven valeting is extremely effective and will leave your appliance looking like new, it’s certainly not a service that you’ll need to call on every day. So when would you possibly need to consider hiring in the professionals?

End of Tenancy

As you come to the end of your tenancy, there is often a mad rush to get the house or flat cleaned and looking spotless. However, in many cases, the appearance of cleanliness isn’t enough. Many landlords will request that carpets are shampooed, damage fixed, and the oven is professionally cleaned.

If you try to give it a quick wipe down and hope for the best, more likely than not you can expect to see some of your deposit disappear. In this case, it could be a false economy to try and hoodwink your landlord. Oven valeting is relatively cost-effective and the work is guaranteed too, so you will never have any issues – at least where your oven is concerned – when moving out.

Professional Kitchens

If you’re working in a kitchen environment where cleanliness is absolutely essential, then you have to ensure that your oven is up to scratch at all times. Failure to comply with hygiene rules could see serious sanctions against your restaurant, cafe or hotel, which is why many businesses employ full time cleaning staff to ensure everything is disinfected and wiped down to a satisfactory level.

For others though, the cost of doing so is prohibitive. If you don’t want your food or dining room to be ruined by a smoky oven, then you have to make sure that something is done to prevent your ovens from being clogged up with grease and bits of old food. Again, this is where a valeting service could prove to be invaluable. Businesses can schedule them to be done at regular intervals, saving their staff the extra workload, and ensuring that all equipment is fully operational at all times.

Spring Clean

Busy homeowners don’t always have the time to thoroughly clean the house from top to bottom. This means that some jobs can occasionally be overlooked – either on purpose or accidentally. One such bone of contention is the oven. It’s a pretty dirty job and can take hours to complete fully. You will also usually need to buy a specialist cleaning kit in order to do a proper job. Again, this just adds to the time, cost and hassle of the process.

Therefore, once, or maybe even twice a year, you might want to consider a full oven valet. Whilst there is a cost associated with doing so, at least you will have the reassurance of having a trained, fully insured professional, using the best products to do a thorough job. At least that’s one job that you can tick off the list.

Don’t you just hate it when you look inside your oven and are met with the ugly sight of food bits, grease and grime? You have a think about the last time it was cleaned and realise that it’s been way too long. You say to yourself, ‘never again’ and commit yourself to cleaning the oven so that grease, burned food and odours become a thing of the past.

So what’s the best way to make sure this doesn’t happen and that you don’t spend days on end trying to get your oven back to its once normal state? What are the best ways to clean your oven?

1. Clean after usage

First of all, for anyone cooking a particularly messy or large meal where fat will splatter and foods will spill, it’s wise to give the oven a clean after usage. Whilst this may not be needed for cooking the odd pizza, it should definitely be considered if the food you’re cooking is particularly smelly and messy.

It’s also good practice to make sure the oven is clear of any food spills. This is because foods that are left inside the oven can cause severe problems the next time it’s used, such as smoking and ineffective cooking. Excessive smoking will affect the way your food is being cooked, not to mention give it burned taste.

2. Clean every two to twelve weeks

Whilst it may not be practical to clean your oven every time after it has been used, it’s important to not let years pass without the inside of your oven seeing a cloth. The amount you clean your oven really depends on your individual circumstances, such as how often you use your oven and the types of food that you’re cooking.

In this case it’s good to get into the habit of just spending an hour every two to twelve weeks to give the inside of your oven a thorough clean. This will remove any food spills, and grease which can cause ineffective cooking, as well as remove any odours which can give the foods you’re cooking a bad taste.

3. Purchase a self cleaning oven

The invention of the self cleaning oven is a godsend for anyone who wants their oven cleaned from time to time, allowing them to enjoy their spare time as they see fit without spending hours and even days scrubbing off food residues and grime every few months.

Whilst this method is excellent at reducing dirt and grime into ash, it still requires a certain degree of cleaning from the individual. The build up may be less extensive, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need some form of attention.

4. Use an Oven valeting service

So if you’re not able to clean your oven as often as possible, and can’t face the prospect of a day scrubbing off grim and grease, what’s the next best thing? That’s easy; it’s using an Oven Valeting Service.

Just like the way your car gets valeted, your oven can receive a meticulous clean, not just to make sure it’s aesthetically pleasing, but also so that it’s hygienic and functions to its optimum. In today’s busy and hectic world, we don’t all have time to be as domesticated as we want. So you don’t have the arduous task yourself, this is the perfect solution and probably the best way clean your oven, by professionals who know exactly what they’re doing.