Valentine’s Day: Go Out or Stay In? Infographic

Valentine's Day Heart


Ah, Valentine’s Day: the time of year when couples publically display their love for each other and bouquets of roses are delivered to the office, inadvertently competing with other bunches of flowers that are also left at reception.

We love our new Valentine’s themed infographic helping us make the decision between heading out or staying in. What are you doing this Valentine’s Day?


Dirty Oven

Now we all know that cleaning the oven is perhaps the worst out of all of the household chores. We frantically do our best to clean the specks of dirt that we, and our visitors, can see on an everyday basis, often ignoring important equipment like the microwave or stove. But did you know that there are a number of dangers and risks associated with neglecting a dirty cooker?

Take a look below at some of the problems an unclean oven can cause, whether you’re a homeowner or you run a business. (more…)

Raw Steak on a GrillThe weather during British summer time can be somewhat unpredictable, so it’s handy to know that even when it starts to pour down, you can take the party indoors and use the oven to grill your food.

Whilst cooking indoors might not be quite as attractive as barbecuing your food out in the sun, it’s often a necessity due to weather constraints. It’s also great to have that extra grill available if you’ve got no space left on the BBQ. The oven essentially acts as an indoor gas grill. (more…)

Not only does a hob that’s covered in burnt on spillages look unsightly, but it can be a real pain to clean. If you don’t have the right materials or you’re faced with particularly stubborn stains, you can end up causing more problems than you solve.

Whenever you clean a surface, particularly one that is enamelled, you have to be sure that any solution that you use to tackle any stains is safe to use. For instance, if you use some strong bleaches they can corrode or discolour the hob and leave it in an even worse state than when you started.

Clean as you go

Mild bleaches, which are often in the form of a cream, are usually suitable for the job. However, as with any form of cleaning, it is often better to do it little and often. Therefore if you’re cooking spaghetti and the water boils over, don’t leave it to dry on and leave a horrible stain.

Perhaps you’ve fried something and fat has covered the surface, make sure it gets wiped off. The same is true of sauces and anything else you prepare on your stove. One of the few inevitabilities of cooking is that it will generate some form of mess. So the more prepared you are to deal with this, the better the results will be.

Follow Safety Guidelines

For more stubborn stains, you may need a cloth or sponge with a slightly more abrasive surface. Whilst most spillages can be whisked off relatively easily, if something has been burnt on, you will probably require some form of bleach to loosen it up a little and then something to scrub it off. Again, you need to be careful that you don’t scratch the surface or mark it in any way. This will defeat the purpose of cleaning in the first place.

When handling bleach, it is important to remember to wear gloves or something else to protect your skin. Whilst most creams are reasonably mild, they can still cause irritation and discomfort. You should also follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure that you carry it out safely.

Call in the Professionals

If your entire oven and hob are in need of a thorough clean, you might even choose to call on a little professional assistance. Ovenu help hundreds of people throughout the UK to get their cooker sparkling again. It’s good value for money and will save you all the mess and difficulties that usually go hand in hand with cleaning.

This kind of service is particularly popular amongst students and other tenants who are coming to the end of their agreement. As most landlords demand a spotless kitchen, with work carried out by professional contractors, it may prove to be essential – particularly if you want to avoid losing some or all of your deposit.

But the best advice for anyone looking to keep their hob looking pristine is to eradicate stains at source. If something gets spilt, make sure it gets wiped off as soon as possible.