When Cleaning an Oven Yourself Becomes a False Economy

Sometimes we will do anything to save a few pounds. Whether it’s buying cheaper products in the supermarket or hiring a friend of a friend to carry out building work on your home; if there is a way of cutting costs, it’s difficult to say ‘no’.


Unfortunately, sometimes things don’t quite work out as planned. Maybe those low price beans are inedible or your friend’s friend accidentally puts his sledge hammer through the water mains. This kind of false economy happens all the time, and while it may all be a learning experience, sometimes it can be a painful one. So how might this translate to cleaning your own oven?


Poor results


DIY projects may provide a sense of enormous satisfaction when successfully completed; however, when the results don’t quite match your expectations, it can be more than a little disappointing. This is certainly true of oven cleaning.


You can spend hours getting the cleaning products, applying it to every inch of your oven, putting the trays on convenient bags only to then find that something has been missed or that not all the grease and grime has been removed. Then you’re faced with the prospect of trying again or just making do with a half clean oven; neither of which are likely to be particularly popular.


Damage caused


As with the earlier building analogy, there is always the chance that something may go wrong during the process. Whether you manage to crack the window or scrape off half of the enamel interior, any mistakes can be costly. Replacing a window, or even the whole door, may leave a severe dent in your monthly budget; if parts are particularly hard to find, you might even have to consider a new oven.


So you have to be careful. This means buying non-harmful cleaners and taking care when the oven door is open.


Personal injury


There are some cleaning agents that are relatively safe to use and unlikely to cause any damage; however, there are also those that are much more harmful. As a general rule, you should be wary of any product that includes caustic soda. This is can cause extreme irritation if it comes into contact with skin and can also wear away enamel.


It’s important that you cover up and take all necessary precautions, this may include wearing a long-sleeved tops and even goggles if you’re cleaning the roof of the oven. If the cleaner comes in contact with any part of your body, be sure to rinse it thoroughly as soon as possible.


Expense of buying products


While some may be concerned about hiring a professional cleaning service due to cost alone, you do have to factor in the price of buying the oven cleaner as well as any other equipment (sponges, scourers, gloves and goggles if necessary). It may still be cheaper, but that isn’t to say that it will be as cost-efficient as you first thought – particularly if you need to do it all over again shortly afterwards.


Of course it is always best to make sure that you clean your oven regularly. If grime is allowed to build up it can impair functionality and even cause a fire risk; so however you choose to do it, don’t hold back on oven cleaning.

A lot of life’s little tasks become infinitely more difficult when you suffer from allergies or asthma. With respiration issues, you have to be extremely careful about the products you use and what tasks you’re able to do around the home. Oven cleaning is certainly no different.


If you’re planning to clean the oven yourself, then you’ll have to think carefully about the type of agent you’re going to use. For instance, there are plenty of shop-bought products that come in the form of aerosols. This kind of airborne application can trigger a number of allergies, making it difficult to breathe – let alone complete the job.


As a result, it’s incredibly important that you take the time to choose a cleaning product that is going to cause you the least irritation. Liquids are often preferable, simply because they don’t have the same form of chemical reaction, nor are they airborne. This means that they are far less likely to cause any form of reaction.


These eco-friendly solutions are equally effective and are readily available from stores and specialist providers. They are also safer for others in the home too. This is simply because they won’t generally include any form of corrosive elements, meaning that any contact with the skin or enamel surfaces shouldn’t be as damaging. Although, it is still important that you rinse the affected area thoroughly if it should come into contact with your hand or arm.


If you are particularly sensitive to cleaning chemicals then you may be advised to use a protective face mask when removing dirt from your oven. This will prevent any fumes from reaching your throat and nose. However, if you are particularly susceptible to allergies, it’s important that you choose a mask that provides the most effective protection. You can never be too careful, so don’t take any unnecessary risks.


Another solution of course is to choose a professional cleaning service. We regularly provide help to people who simply aren’t able to clean their oven effectively due to health reasons. Ovenu only every use eco-friendly products, so you won’t need to worry about damage to the oven or risk to yourself or children.  It’s affordable, so you won’t have to break the balance, and you will always be assured of a comprehensive valeting service.


So the most important thing to remember if you have allergies is to take care and ensure that you have the right type of cleaning product. As mentioned, aerosols can be hazardous, even to those without any form of respiratory issues or medical conditions. Make sure your skin is protected, to avoid any contact and steer clear of irritation. If you have a mask for filtering out air particles, this would also be incredibly useful just to protect your face and lungs. Otherwise, if required, we’re always on hand to provide expert assistance.

Thousands of people successfully clean their ovens without any issues every week. In the most part it’s a perfectly safe and reasonably straightforward task. However, it is easy to be complacent and this is when accidents can happen. So what do you need to be careful about?


Choose the right cleaning product


There are a number of oven cleaning products on offer; however, as with most things in life, some are significantly better than others. In this case, you need to be particularly careful with which one you choose. While some are eco-friendly solutions, others can contain caustic or come in an aerosol form. Now these are fine, but you have to be careful to apply them properly, otherwise you could end up damaging your skin or even the oven itself.


If you do accidentally get the cleaning product on your skin or even in your eyes, make sure you clean them immediately. This will hopefully ensure that there is no lasting damage; however, you should always be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and contact a doctor if pain persists.


Mind the door


One of the most frustrating and common causes of damage to an oven when cleaning is the accidental breaking of the window. While this is usually made from extremely resilient glass, with the door left wide open for a prolonged period of time it’s easy to lean on it or even drop an object on the exposed window. Either way, if that glass breaks then your oven is going to be out of commission until you can find a replacement.


Even more unfortunate is the fact that this is likely to set you back a fair amount, particularly if it’s not insured. So make sure you’re extra careful not to do anything silly when cleaning your oven. One slip and you could have to dig very deep to find a resolution.


Be careful with the interior


As alluded to earlier, some products are better than others; equally, there are plenty of oven cleaning solutions that are kinder to surfaces. If you have an enamelled interior then you need to make sure that this isn’t damaged in the process of cleaning off all that grime. So make sure that any product used carries the VEA symbol; this denotes that it has successfully passed the tests carried out by the Vitreous Enamel Association.


While it is recommended that you clean every inch of your oven, it is important that you take care if removing the fan cover. If you manage to damage this or any of the other components, it could render any warranty void and also cost you a fair amount to successfully resolve. Ovens may look and act as if they’re indestructible at times, but you still need to make sure that you take care when cleaning them.


Of course, if you want to avoid all of this hassle and heartache you can choose to use an oven cleaning service. Just make sure that they’re fully insured and only use VEA products like we do at Ovenu – just in case.

We receive queries from people throughout the country every day. Some are homeowners or tenants, others own businesses, but all of them are looking for the same thing: a spotless oven. So why are oven cleaning services so popular and who really uses them?

Let’s be honest, nobody particularly likes having to clean their oven, especially when they’ve left it a while. It can be a messy, time-consuming process, but one that is often driven by absolute necessity. After all, it’s pretty difficult to ignore an oven that’s in need of a good scrub; all your meals are nicely smoked and it’s impossible to peer through the window.

Time constraints are another key reason why many customers choose to use our services rather than doing it themselves. As we’ve just mentioned, it can take a number of hours to clean an oven properly. This is time that some people simply don’t have. Therefore, rather than letting their cooker waste away under a growing layer of grime, they choose to get an expert to do the job. Their time is saved, the job gets done to a higher standard – it’s that simple.

Then of course there are those that are contractually obliged to have all appliances cleaned by a certified company. Many landlords provide such stipulations, meaning that we get a lot of calls for tenants coming to the end of their agreement. With the threat of losing a portion of their deposit for not cleaning the oven before vacating the premises, most are keen to bite the bullet and get it done.

We also work with a number of businesses and educational establishments. Home economic departments need to be kept clean at all times for obvious reasons; and with lengthy dormant periods, particularly through the summer months, it’s important that ovens are spotless when students return.

Of course not all oven cleaning services are as professional as others. Whilst we have people working throughout the company, running their own franchises, we always ensure that they adhere to the strictest codes and only use products that we’ve tested and recommended. Each one is also fully insured, so that any damage caused will be covered. Equally, they are all trained to our exacting standards, meaning that customers will get the same standard of service wherever they live.

For most of our clients, oven cleaning is all about convenience. They want a professional job in eliminating tough stains and bad odours from their cooker. As mentioned though, for some it is about necessity. Whether the oven needs to be bought up to code for hygiene reasons or as a result of ending a tenancy, cleaning services offer a great way of getting this done in a cost-effective and timely manner. Whatever your reasons and wherever you might be, we’re always happy to help.

Anybody who lives beyond the boundaries of a major city will be fully aware of just how difficult it can be to secure certain services. Whilst plumbers, electricians and others may be available, there are other things, including oven cleaning that are decidedly more difficult to track down. So what can you do?

Well, the Internet has made a huge difference in the way we search for information – it has impacted communication, education and entertainment. Therefore it makes sense for the World Wide Web to be your first port of call when searching for oven cleaning services within your region.

For obvious reasons, most cleaners will work within a specific area; otherwise you’d have people travelling hundreds of miles for a basic service. Therefore you should search for the service and add a location – be it a town, city or county. You can either use a search engine or a business directory that you trust to find one or maybe a few oven cleaning services in your area. Using this, you can then contact them directly to find out more about price and availability.

At Ovenu we have a huge network of valeters working to our exacting standards. These are dotted right around the British Isles providing support to hundreds of customers every week. This means that we are able to service more ovens and get to places that others can’t reach without having to cover the vast distances mentioned earlier. Therefore, if you can find a larger company that has this kind of network of support, it will stand you in good stead – wherever you may be located.

Even if there are relatively few people offering these services near to where you live, it’s important that you take the time to make sure that they have the necessary skills, experience and insurance to carry out the work effectively. As in any industry, there will always be some people who are prepared to cut a few corners at their customer’s expense. So have a look to see if there are any reviews available online and even check out their website to find out more about how they operate.

Of course you can use any techniques that you’re comfortable with to find an oven cleaning service. For instance, if you’ve always relied on the Yellow Pages and prefer to speak to providers directly before making any decisions, then that can be equally effective as the Internet. You might even choose to combine the two, heading online to seek a few reviews before picking up the phone.

As mentioned, insurance is something that you should really demand of any oven cleaner. Whilst a professional using non-toxic chemicals should have no issues getting your cooker looking like new again, accidents can happen. If they do, then you want to know that you’re not going to be left with a massive bill after they leave.

So, regardless of how remote your location may be, there ought to be an individual, franchise or company that can help. We have a growing network of oven cleaners right around the country helping tenants, homeowners, professional kitchens and even schools to get their appliances up to scratch. Therefore if you’re not sure where to turn, you should take a moment to review our UK branches and see who’s available in your area.

As most are probably well aware, ovens need to be cleaned regularly in order to maintain optimal functionality and to avoid a number of unpleasant side effects. However, whilst this knowledge may be at the forefront of most homeowners’ minds, some may not be able to identify all of those tell tale signs that something is amiss.

So, to give you a better idea of what you should be looking out for with your own oven, here are four clear indications that it’s time for a clean.

Loss of Heat or Functionality

Over time you may notice that your oven takes longer to warm up and may even be unable to reach the maximum temperature. Whilst this can be indicative of fundamental issues with the appliance, it could also highlight the fact that grease and grime has penetrated the working parts – including the fan.

Before you decide to throw out your oven and buy a newer model, make sure you consider giving it a comprehensive clean. This may unblock certain issues and leave you with an appliance that works just like new.

Dark Smoke

One of the more obvious issues that will often arise whenever you’ve forgotten to clean your oven for a while will make its presence felt every time you have the misfortune of opening the door.  If you’re met with a wall of smoke, then there’s a good chance that grease and dirt are the culprits.

Spillages are an unfortunate by-product of cooking. Fat can spit all over the inside of your oven too, creating a near invisible layer of grease. Therefore, without regular cleaning, it’s easy for this to build up and cause issues – including smoke.

Unpleasant Smells

Another issue that you may encounter as a result of this accumulated detritus is a rather unpleasant smell. Once it builds up and is then heated, this can cause an odour to be emitted, which can make the kitchen a no-go zone. Obviously it will take time to get to this kind of level, but you should still keep an eye on things, or, more accurately, a nose.

Remember, these odours can be a sign of bacteria building up, particularly if the oven goes unused for a significant period of time. So it is worth making sure that your oven is cleaned and all grime is removed from the surfaces.

Visible Grime

This brings us nicely on to the final sign, which is when you can actually see the accumulation of dirt. Whether this is through a muddied window or small mounds of detritus at the bottom of the oven, as soon as you begin noticing that this has gone from a few spillages to a major pile-up, it’s time to take action.

So if you’ve left your oven cleaning for a while and are in need of a major spruce up, make sure you get it done as soon as possible. Even if you don’t have the time to take care of it personally, you can always choose a professional cleaning service such as the one we offer here at Ovenu.

As well as providing students with a quality education, schools are also charged with their care throughout the day. Therefore, providing a safe and hygienic environment for pupils is absolutely essential. This is easier to achieve in some departments than others.

Just as science teachers and technicians need to ensure that dangerous chemicals are handled properly and cleaned away, so the home economics department must take care to ensure all surfaces and appliances are germ-free. With dozens of students passing through, using knives, chopping boards and ovens, it’s easy for dirt and harmful bacteria to build up. This is why a major emphasis is placed on cleanliness and ensuring everything is washed up ready to use again.

However, whilst you can easily wash plates, cutlery and utensils, the major appliances can prove to be a slightly tougher proposition. First of all you have to wait until the appliance has cooled down sufficiently before even attempting to wipe it all down. Secondly, the chemicals often used can be harmful and therefore should only be handled by professional cleaners or experienced staff. Lastly, ovens can cost a lot to replace, so if in the process it gets damaged, the school will have to foot a hefty bill.

Many educational establishments will choose to clean all appliances in one fell swoop, often over the weekend or during holidays. It’s essentially though that this is done regularly, even during periods of apparent inactivity. Just as your cooker at home can become clogged up with dirt and grime, the same is true of those in a home economics classroom.

During long periods of inactivity, such as the summer holidays where temperatures can soar, it’s easy for bacteria to spread. As such, ensuring that they are cleaned fully before, during or even towards the end of these breaks is essential. Some technicians and cleaning teams within the school may well be able to carry out such duties, but it is a time consuming process and one that is far from pleasant.

As such, drafting in a trained individual or even a team of oven cleaners to carry out a full valeting service on the appliances may prove to be hugely beneficial. Depending on the level of usage, this may only need to be one once or maybe twice a year. Following a comprehensive clean, you will be able to enjoy using hygienic ovens that work to their full potential.

Remember, after a full deep clean, ovens can potentially enable them to operate more efficiently. As a result top temperatures can be reached and in a much quicker time. If they are in regular use, as they are likely to be in a school environment, this can help to save time and money on your energy bills.

So there are a number of potential benefits for schools who are looking to have their ovens cleaned professionally. Budget will of course be a major factor, but by bringing in trained, insured professionals, you will always be assured of a great result. Ultimately hygiene has to be the top priority within an educational environment, so it could prove to be a worthwhile investment if you are unable to carry out the work through internal cleaning teams.

For anybody that is in the catering industry or prepares food for others, such as childminders, achieving certification of cleanliness is essential. Whilst it may not appear to be the biggest priority, particularly if you are looking after children, ensuring that your place of work/your home is spotless will enable you to continue doing what you love.

Cleanliness is an absolute necessity when caring for others, especially when you’re in charge of inquisitive toddlers and hungry youngsters. This is why a great deal of importance is placed on achieving and maintaining a certification of cleanliness. But how clean does your home need to be?

Ideally, the answer should be spotless. However, even the most dedicated of cleaning regimens can leave behind some mess – in fact it’s almost unavoidable. But there are plenty of things that anybody can do to get things up to scratch, one of which is to have your oven cleaned regularly.

The oven and surrounding area can be a hotbed for invisible germs and bacteria. As this is where many meals are prepared, ensuring that any mess is dealt with swiftly and hygienically is absolutely essential. However, when you’ve got your hands full, it can be tempting just to give everything a quick onceover and make sure it appears to be clean.

Whilst there is nothing wrong with regularly wiping down surfaces and using anti-bacterial sprays to remove any germs, it won’t necessarily eradicate everything. This is where an oven cleaning service can really help you out.

By scheduling regular, or even just occasional cleans, you can ensure that every surface and all working parts look like new. But even better than that, they will be free from the grease and grime that can act as an incubator for all sorts of potentially harmful germs.

When it comes to ovens, cleanliness won’t just ensure that hygiene levels are maintained at all times, it will also ensure that it continues to operate efficiently. If fans become clogged, it can impact the thermostat – taking longer to warm up and costing more to operate. Therefore you can save yourself a lot of unnecessary hassle by getting a professional to sort it out on your behalf.

The good thing about having your oven cleaned by a professional is that you can continue with your daily work as they get on with their job. So you don’t need to be unduly disrupted whilst bringing your home up to code for a certification of cleanliness inspection. So all in all, it can really prove to be a good investment, especially for those childminders and carers who don’t have a great deal of time to do everything. Essentially it’s another job you can cross off your list and one less headache if you are seeking a certification of cleanliness.

More often than not, when we clean appliances and surfaces, we generally focus on the areas we can see. After all, that’s where most dirt is attracted and will have the greatest impact on the appearance of your home.

However, sometimes this isn’t enough. For instance, you can vacuum your carpet as often as you want, but it won’t always get rid of that ground in dirt that can cause discolouration. For this, you need to shampoo it fully. Another classic example is when you come to clean your oven.

Some people choose to do this themselves. This is fair enough of course, it only takes a little elbow grease and some cleaning products to get the surfaces sparkling again. However, as with the previous example, this won’t account for all the built-up grime that can get into the nooks and crannies.

Take your fan for instance. If you have a fan operated electric oven, then it’s just as easy for dirt and grease to penetrate this area. Over time, this can cause unpleasant smells and may begin to impact performance too. Therefore, every time you wipe down the surfaces of your oven, you could be forgetting about this equally important area.

However, it would be unwise to attempt to get into any such mechanical areas within your oven without proper training or a full understanding of what you’re doing. This can potentially cause more problems than you solve, particularly if you damage thermostats or other heating elements that may be contained. So either make sure that you tread carefully or call in a professional oven valeting service provider.

When we carry out a full service on an oven, we really do mean a full service. This means that we don’t just mop up the mess on your surfaces and shelves, we will actually get into the hard to reach areas and clear out all of the mess. This is done just for the sake of a little extra work.

When dirt is allowed to build up within any kind of working mechanism, and particularly ovens, it can have a major knock-on effect in performance.  When it comes to your cooker at home, this may mean that as well as producing more smoke than it did in the past, you may also find that it takes longer to heat up too. This is usually as a result of grease penetrating the working components and slowing them down.

This loss of efficiency can be costly and could even result in a full break down of your oven if it isn’t treated. Therefore, having your oven professionally cleaned every now and then can help to cut down your energy costs and make sure that you don’t experience a loss of functionality at any point. After all, you don’t want to keep having to adjust your timings when preparing food or wafting away the smoke as you do so.

In an age of austerity, many of us are trying to cut costs wherever possible. So whether we’re buying non-branded products at the supermarket or taking on jobs around the house that we might ordinarily get the experts in to do, every penny really counts.

Unfortunately, taking the cheaper option sometimes proves to be something of a false economy. For instance, how many horror stories have you heard about homeowners attempting to rewire rooms, do a bit of plumbing work or carry out a little renovation themselves, only to cause more damage? In these cases, most would be better calling in the professionals before attempting any kind of DIY efforts.

However, if you’ve finally decided that it’s time to give your oven a thorough clean, should you choose an oven cleaning service or just do it yourself?

Well, a lot will depend on your circumstances. After all, cleaning an oven fully can take hours to complete, involving plenty of stretching, bending and potentially harmful chemicals. This means that those with mobility issues or very little spare time may struggle to complete the cleaning process themselves. Therefore, the oven is either left to build up more dirt and grease, or you have to find someone else to do the job for you.

At Ovenu, we help hundreds of homeowners to get their oven glistening once again. But whilst our oven cleaning services are highly affordable, they do have a small cost attached. It is for this reason that some choose to simply do it themselves.

However, for this cost you can sit back and relax as a trained professional tackles your oven cleaning on your behalf. As all our employees are fully insured, you won’t even need to fret over damage. If an accident does occur, which is extremely rare, then it will be covered on our policy – not yours.

On the flipside of this, if you were to crack the oven door glass whilst scrubbing away at the filth and grime that had built up inside, you could be facing a very costly repair. Most oven windows are strengthened and reasonably well protected so it would be highly unfortunate if you did manage to crack it yourself, but that isn’t to say that it would be impossible to do so.

We also use non-corrosive cleaning agents, ensuring that your oven won’t be left with any lasting reminders of our visit. These are also often more effective than the products that you might find in your local supermarket, meaning a better finish without any of the risk.

However, even though we offer top quality oven cleaning services, we do realise that they aren’t for everyone. Some people would rather put on a pair of marigolds and spend an hour getting their own kitchen shipshape and shining again, which we certainly have no issue with. But if you need to get your oven clean in a hurry and you’re not able to do it yourself, then we’re here to help – maybe even saving you costs on repairs and damage in the process.