The Five Best Cookery Blogs Around

Woman Cooking

Have you been frantically searching all over for a bit of new inspiration to spice things up in the kitchen?

Between busy work schedules, raising children and having a meaningful social life, it can be extremely tempting and easy to opt for a quick fix when it comes to dining; but it can’t be stressed enough just how important a proper home-cooked meal is when leading a healthy lifestyle.

It’s time to ditch your weekly selection of bland, frozen, microwaveable and processed meals you have gotten so used to. Whether you’re a culinary genius or not, turn things up a notch with hundreds of tantalising recipes from five of the best cookery blogs listed below. (more…)

Lamb Leg Roast

Have you got guests coming for dinner this Easter? Looking for something with a little more inspiration than your typical Sunday roast?

Fret not, we’ve got you covered.

Celebrate the season in good fashion with this delicious three course meal including carrot soup and traditional lamb roast with potatoes, followed by a glorious rhubarb crumble to round things off.

So preheat the oven, set the table and serve up this fantastic recipe for all the family. (more…)

Traditional Irish Soda Bread

Whether you’re a native to the land or not, there’s no denying the irresistibility of a good old home cooked Irish meal.

On the 17th March everyone gets involved in St. Patrick’s Day, so to celebrate, why not broaden your horizons and get a true taste of Ireland with four of these fantastic traditional recipes? (more…)

SpicesThis Monday (October 7th) marked the start of National Curry Week. Now in its 16th year, the week was founded as a way to promote the delectable cuisine and to help raise funds charities that focus on ending world hunger and poverty.

This year sees a wide range of spectacular curry-themed fundraising events taking place, including a brilliant Poppadomathon in which participants compete in a relay of sorts, using a poppadum as their baton. It all sounds incredibly exciting, and if you want to get involved then there’s several ways you and all your friends can participate.

Roast BeefTomorrow marks the beginning of British Food Fortnight, two weeks dedicated to celebrating the best in British dishes. If you hadn’t heard about it up until now, then don’t fret as there’s still plenty of time to get involved.

The festivities last from 21st September all the way through to the 6th October with events being held up and down the country. Love British Food, the organisation behind it all, have created a handy website that contains all the information and resources you’ll need to get yourself ready.

Seeing as us Brit’s have always had an affinity for food and cooking, we’ve included instructions on how you can cook the quintessential British family dishes below. (more…)

Lemon CupcakeCupcake Week is just around the corner, so in order to celebrate this incredibly indulgent time we’ve gone bonkers for baking here at Ovenu. But before we reveal our favourite cake recipes why don’t we take a look at the origins of this superbly sweet week.

Now in its fifth year, National Cupcake Week runs from the 16th to the 22nd September. Designed to promote local bakeries, the week also raises funds for the charity CLIC Sargent, who offer support and information for young people with cancer.


Every country and culture has its own signature dishes; here in the UK we have roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, Spain has paella and Jamaica has jerk chicken. Yes you truly have to travel the world to experience all the flavours and foods available, some of which will be much more appetising to certain people than others, because different cultures consider different foods acceptable. Eating horse meat, for example, is considered taboo in England, whilst in France it’s considered rather normal.

Below is a collection of recipes containing all kinds of foods, and whilst they might be considered slightly unusual here in the UK, they’re perfectly acceptable in other places around the world. (more…)

File:Vegetarian.svgHave you ever thought about going vegetarian before? If not, now is perfect time to try. From Monday 20th to Sunday 26th May people all over Britain will be celebrating National Vegetarian Week (NVW) by ditching the meat and going green.

First established in the UK by the Vegetarian Society in 1992, NVW is celebrating its 21st birthday in a big way, with events happening up and down the country. From limited edition vegetarian menu’s in London restaurants to special offers on organic cosmetics, it seems everyone is going gaga for a taste of the veggie lifestyle. (more…)

With the recent horse-meat scandal still fresh in everybody’s minds, it no surprise people are becoming more inclined to raise questions about the quality and source of the food they’re buying.

Luckily here in Britain we have a scheme in place which ensures the correct production standards are in place for our food. The Red Tractor Assurance was launched in 2,000 as a way of determining that the food Britton’s buy has been sourced and prepared ethically. (more…)