The Five Best Cookery Blogs Around

By on 15th April 2014 (updated: 10th March 2020) in Cooking

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Have you been frantically searching all over for a bit of new inspiration to spice things up in the kitchen?

Between busy work schedules, raising children and having a meaningful social life, it can be extremely tempting and easy to opt for a quick fix when it comes to dining; but it can’t be stressed enough just how important a proper home-cooked meal is when leading a healthy lifestyle.

It’s time to ditch your weekly selection of bland, frozen, microwaveable and processed meals you have gotten so used to. Whether you’re a culinary genius or not, turn things up a notch with hundreds of tantalising recipes from five of the best cookery blogs listed below.

Not Without Salt

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Winner of Saveur’s 2013 Best Food Blog Awards, Not Without Salt provides readers with an extensive selection of all things salty, sweet and savoury.

Ashely Rodriguez’s friendly blog places great emphasis not just on your average recipe production, but also the method behind the magic. You’ll learn a variety of processes and expert techniques to put into practice in the kitchen, from roasting your own coffee beans to homemaking chocolate.



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Let’s face it, more often than not, our cravings can get the best of us. Should this situation arise, Skinny Taste has the solution.

It’s no secret that in today’s society, cheeseburgers, cakes and pies all possess negative stigma, especially when it comes to dieting. But, with Gina Homolka’s jam-packed collection of healthy recipes, you can enjoy all the best junk food, completely guilt free.

All meal guides come complete with mouth-watering images from start to finish and a wealth of nutritional information, whatever you’re longing for.


Closet Cooking

Closet Cooking Logo

While, like many others, Closet Cooking places emphasis on the importance of healthy eating; the real value behind creator Kevin Lynch’s advice rests in the glory of his affinity towards comfort food.

Readers will find themselves salivating at the very sight of one of Kevin’s seductive sandwiches and gooey dips. However, if you have what it takes to resist temptation towards the allure of the odd naughty nibble, Closet Cooking puts a greener spin on fatty foods, with a series of marvellous creations: from cauliflower pizza crust to a bowl full of baked avocado fries.


Foodless Logo

Foodess goes further than just your average food blog. Every recipe is like an art exhibit. Jennifer Pallian’s impeccable eye for photography shows that the proof is in the pudding when it comes to every single one of her expertly crafted step-by-step guides.

Each method focuses on the use of fresh products and ingredients to produce something spectacular every time. A quick warning though: if you’re looking for food to kick start your health blitz this year, look away, as this blog is dedicated to temptation and treating yourself.

Big Girls, Small Kitchen

Big Girls Small Kitchen Logo

This award-winning cookery guide by Cara Eisenpress is a real goldmine for any foodie browsing the web in search of some wonderfully creative recipes. In addition to her detailed and extremely tasty advice, Eisenpress also has a real knack for bringing her meals to life with some fantastic imagery.

With Cara’s easy-to-follow how-to steps, you’ll learn everything you need to know – whether you’re watching your waistline or you have a craving for something a little sweet, Big Girls, Small Kitchen has it all.


That’s it for our collection of the best food blogs, but don’t forget to head over to the Ovenu Facebook page and share your personal favourites with us.

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