The Hidden (and Very Dirty) Truth About Kitchens [Infographic]

Do you think your kitchen is spick and span? Statistics show: probably not.

Even though we try our hardest, kitchen bacteria hide in unexpected places. Unclean surfaces, sponges and chopping boards can spread bacteria including E. coli, salmonella and listeriosis, which can leave you and your household with nasty food poisoning. A badly disinfected kitchen can even spread the common cold through surfaces infected by rhinoviruses.

At the office, we aren’t safe either: research by microbiologist Charles Gerba shows that one in ten office mugs carry dangerous germs, and one-fifth of these infected mugs carry faecal bacteria. Another study by Hayward Baker Solicitors shows that 35% of people have picked up an illness at work.

However, if you’re set out to give your office kitchen a proper clean, you should still be mindful of the cleaning products you choose: high quantities of Triclosan or caustic soda can have a harmful effect on your health as well.

Have a look at the following infographic to discover the hidden (and very dirty) truth about kitchens.

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