The Messiest Foods For Your Oven

By on 20th November 2013 (updated: 10th March 2020) in Latest News

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Cooking can be great fun, but certain meals can leave your oven looking like a warzone which is why we’ve put together the following list – which do you think is the messiest?

1) Roast dinners

This is the obvious choice – with turkey/lamb/pork fat spitting everywhere, the sight of an incoming roast makes any oven’s heart collapse.

2) Cheesy pasta bake

The key to this one is the cheese. If you like your pasta bake’s extra-cheesy, which most of us do, you’re asking for trouble – if you don’t keep a close eye on it whilst it’s cooking you’re likely to find cheese all over your oven sides, floor and ceiling too. Not a pretty sight!

3) Homemade pizza

Homemade pizza requires a lot of attention, and that’s something a lot of people lack when it comes to cooking. The pizza should be routinely monitored so that the tomato sauce, cheese and pepperoni doesn’t drip off the sides. The pizza may taste great (in a calorific way) – but the oven won’t thank you.

4) Apple and raspberry crumble

You can’t beat a homemade crumble for pudding, can you? It’s another dish that requires control, though, and when you’re cleaning oats and raspberries from the oven walls and shelf afterwards, you’ll know why.

5) Lasagne

A personal favourite for many people. Cheese clearly doesn’t get along with ovens though – as most will have watched through their clear oven door as the cheese bubbles over the sides of the dish and splatters all around the oven.

6) Sausages

Sausages may be a vital half to one of the great British dishes, but never underestimate the importance of putting down tin foil underneath the pan with the sausages on. Fat will – without any regard to you having to clean it later – spit and splatter all over once the sausages get cooking.

7) Macaroni cheese

Once again, cheese steals the show here. Bubble bubble, toil and trouble – macaroni cheese is simple and delicious, but the molten cheddar makes your oven difficult to clean, along with the dish it gets cooked in as well.

8) Homemade burgersFile:Hamburg steak.jpg

Making burgers at home is an incredibly satisfying experience, but it’s another dish where tin foil should be a key part of the recipe – fat drips off the burgers at all different angles and the foil is essential in catching it.

9) Christmas dinner

This is arguably the same as a roast dinner but with more meat; and we couldn’t not include this festive dish in this list simply for the sheer amount of dishes going in and out of the oven during the cooking process. While it’s the meat that can cause most of the mess, there are extra hazards involved in taking out and putting in new dishes, knocking things over and creating a truly filthy oven.

10) Baked Alaska

Whilst Baked Alaska isn’t a British dish really; it’s found its way onto our shores during the last few decades and is now perfectly at home in many British kitchens.

The trick in keeping your oven clean when making one? Don’t go overboard with the ice cream or chocolate sauce, and make sure you use a much bigger dish than the size of the pudding. You could still end up with a messy oven, though, so be prepared for plenty of scrubbing later on.

Of course if you don’t have time to clean, Ovenu are always on hand to send out a qualified, friendly technician that can professionally valet your oven and leave it looking like new. Contact us today to find out more.

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