Tips for Selling Your House Faster This Spring

Spring has always been a popular time of year for those looking to sell their house. The mild air, budding trees and gentle sunshine put a spring in everyone’s step and can make your house – not to mention the garden – look idyllic.

As hopeful home buyers go out to view what’s on the market, you’ll want to make sure that your property is the one that makes a lasting impression. Here are five tips to ensure it does just that.


1.   Think Bright, Light and Airy

Just as you want your home to look warm and welcoming in winter, you’ll want it to look light, bright and airy in spring. Consider giving the walls a fresh coat of white paint, replace your heavy curtains with light voile fabrics (John Lewis and IKEA provide affordable options), invest in pastel-coloured cushions, throws and towels, and liven the place up with flowers. Although most buyers will want to change accessories and colour schemes themselves when they move in, you’d be surprised at the difference a well-presented house can make.

2.   Consider the Smells

In recent years, many marketers have discovered and tapped into the power of smell. If you want to sell your house fast, aromas from baked bread, freshly cut grass and flowers are more likely to make viewers feel at home than smells of toilets, dogs and bins. When you open your house to potential buyers, use your nose before they start nosing around.

3.   Give the Place a Deep Clean

One top tip for selling a house is to give it a deep clean before it’s put on the market – refreshing the bathroom and kitchen is essential. Even if they have been doing their duty for years, kitchens – including ovens, cookers and hobs – can be made to look like new with the help of an oven cleaning specialist. No need to hide your dirty oven behind a tea towel on the door handle – once you’ve invested in a kitchen cleaning service, you can let your viewers look around without a care.

Similarly, consider hiring a professional to remove mould from your bathroom, polish your floors to a high gloss and clean your windows until they are spotless – every particle of dirt and dust is especially visible when the sun’s hanging low. Selling a house is simply easier when the place looks well maintained, and a deep clean can have an amazing effect on the perceived quality of floors, bathrooms and kitchens.

4.   Provide Thoughtful Cards and Flyers

A quick trip to the print shop can go a long way. Provide thoughtful cards warning viewers to watch their step or mind their head at hazardous places throughout the house. Inform the viewer of when a kitchen or bathroom was last redone or attach a tag stating the value of precious assets inside the house. Finally, consider printing a flyer with full-colour pictures and a list of your property’s features for your viewers to take home. Free online tools such as Canva allow even laymen to create appealing flyers without too much effort.

5.   Use the Garden to Your Advantage

If your property has a garden, springtime is the best moment to take maximum advantage of it. Make sure the lawn is raked and mowed, the bushes are trimmed, and you have planted flower bulbs such as narcissi, hyacinths and bluebells (which also does wonders for the smells, as mentioned in Tip Two). There is nothing like a well-kempt garden in bloom to help sell your house fast in spring.


Do you feel more confident about selling your house now? Before you invite your viewers over, make sure to contact Ovenu about that kitchen deep clean. Our experienced oven technicians are standing by to tackle even the most tedious dirt, carbon and grime. Before you know it, your hob, oven and cooker will look like new – and your future buyers will be impressed!