Tips on How to Remember When Your Oven Needs Cleaning

By on 25th October 2019 (updated: 28th October 2020) in Latest News

Oven cleaning is often a task which is put on the backburner, and therefore one which is easily forgotten. With ovens being one of the UK’s least-cleaned household appliances[1], it’s considered to many an arduous task, but if like most cleaning jobs, you keep on top of it, you get great results for minimal effort.

There are ample pros to giving your oven a regular once over; from better hygiene in the kitchen to being able to clearly see your lasagne slowly bubbling away, so in order to help you keep on top of your oven cleanliness, we’ve put together some useful tips on how you can remember when your oven needs cleaning.

Tip #1: Make use of key events throughout the year as reminders

A handy way to keep check of your oven-cleaning schedule is to base it around key events that take place during the year. If you celebrate Christmas, the chances are you’ll be using your oven to cook a tasty Christmas dinner, so making some time in December ensures your guests are not met by a grimy oven, and you can easily keep a visual on what you’re cooking.

As you head into the next calendar year, you could use a good old spring clean as your next marker. Although we do recommend in an ideal situation that you give your oven a quick wipe down on a very regular basis, leaving your oven around 3 months for a more comprehensive clean will still mean it’s a much easier job than trying to remove 6 or even 12 months of burnt on grease and spillages. Find out how you can give your oven racks a good clean too.

Using key events (especially those that centre around food) will really help to prompt you to check on the cleanliness of your oven.

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Tip #2: Make use of your phone’s calendar or a reminder app

If you’d rather make use of technology for easy reminders, then perhaps your phone’s calendar or a reminder app is the best option for you? Simply add a recurring reminder for however long you want to leave between cleans, and voila, you’re all set up to be alerted when your oven’s in need of a little TLC.

To make oven cleaning even easier, why not set your reminders just a few weeks apart? This will go a long way in preventing any major build up of dirt and grime, and what’s more, your oven will look brand new and will cook like clockwork for a much longer time period.

Tip #3: Work it into your weekly cleaning schedule

Perhaps you have a chart on the wall listing all the family’s chores? You could schedule in a monthly or weekly oven clean for a different member of the family, so it’s not just one person’s responsibility. Older children could be responsible for a regular wipe down (without using any chemicals), with the adults conducting a more comprehensive clean, less often. We have a post about 6 amazing eco-friendly oven cleaning products which we’d recommend to get you started.

Tip #4: Choose a regular slot on your kitchen calendar

If your go-to life-planning tool resides on the kitchen wall in the form of a traditional calendar, slotting in some time each month or so for an oven clean will fit nicely alongside any exercise classes, coffee dates and time off work. If it’s something you look at on a regular basis, you’ll never forget to give the oven that once over that it deserves.


Tip #5: Make good use of post-it notes

Post-its aren’t just great for writing down phone numbers or to use solely at work, they come in handy when you want to remember to do odd jobs around the house too. If you’d rather not stick to a schedule and would prefer to simply do some oven cleaning when you think the time is right, then have some post-it notes to hand and stick one on the oven with a ‘clean me!’ message, so when you’re next in the kitchen, you simply can’t miss it.

If you’re not entirely sure on how often you should be cleaning your oven or want some further information and convincing around why it’s beneficial to do on a regular basis, you might find the following blog post helpful: How Often Should You Clean Your Oven?

Remember, if you feel your oven has become too big a job and you’d prefer a professional to give it a new lease of life, our friendly team are here to help. Get in touch with your local oven cleaning service company today.

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