University Cleaning Hacks: Get Your Kids Ready

Heading off to university is a rite of passage for thousands of teenagers every year. They approach this new phase of their lives with great optimism about their future, a little trepidation about whether or not they will manage to make friends, and scarcely a thought about how they will keep their environment clean.

Teenagers are renowned for being untidy, but with no adults to keep them in line, are you sure that your own offspring understand the importance of tidiness and cleanliness when living with friends? Make sure that they keep their potential new friends firmly onside, with the help of these uni cleaning tips – a set of lifehacks that could help them to integrate into their new flatshare.

When Life Gives You Lemons

Lemons are cheap, they smell great and they pack a lot of cleaning power. Try rubbing a cut lemon over stainless steel fittings, such as taps and sinks, to cut through grease for a sparkling shine. Taps will be squeaky clean and smell great too!

Lemons are also fantastic for cleaning out microwave ovens, which tend to get overlooked in student homes. Simply fill a cup with water, add half a lemon, squeezing some juice into the water, then pop it into the microwave and set the power on full for a couple of minutes. Then just wipe around with some kitchen roll for a sparkling, fresh and clean microwave.

Clean Up Spills Straight Away

Students tend to have a laissez-faire attitude to spills and stains, but the longer you leave spilt food or drink, the harder it becomes to remove the tell-tale stains. Once again, kitchen roll is the student’s friend. Mop up any residue before it has time to set or harden, and sponge with clean, cold water, mopping up excess with a towel or more kitchen roll, to prevent permanent staining.

Keep Baby Wipes Close to Hand

If you do just one thing, send your teenager off to university with a stash of baby wipes. These ingenious little cloths are perfect for all manner of little jobs around the student flat, from mopping up spills to cleaning bathroom fittings. They’re also brilliant as a makeshift facecloth when your offspring oversleeps and hasn’t got time for a shower before lectures.

Tidy Those Drawers

Students don’t tend to be naturally tidy, and many of them succumb to using the floor as a ‘floordrobe’. Encourage your teen to put clothes away neatly, rather than throw everything to the floor, where it becomes hard to distinguish clean from dirty clothing – that’s if you can find anything at all in the resulting mess! Fold clothes and line them up vertically in drawers, so that you can see everything without having to root around in the bottom of a drawer. It saves time and looks so much better.

Life’s a Picnic

If all else fails and your teen simply can’t get their head around the concept of washing up, consider buying them a stack of paper plates and bowls, along with plastic cutlery and glassware. That way, at least their flatmates won’t have to end up arguing with them about the piles of washing–up waiting in the sink.