Use an AGA for the Perfect 4-Course Valentine’s Day Dinner

Do you really want to do something special for Valentine’s Day this year? Surprise your loved one with the perfect four-course Valentine’s Day dinner, home-made with love in your very own AGA! With four separate ovens, each with their own dedicated purpose, as well as enough boiling and simmering plates to hold six average-sized saucepans, an AGA cooker gives you everything you need to make a meal worthy of a Michelin-starred restaurant, but in a more intimate setting. Accompanied by candles and a quality bottle of wine, you have the perfect recipe for a romantic evening in.

Here are some ideas for a succulent meal which allows you to make optimal use of every part of your AGA cooker, allowing you to serve every dish at the right time – when it’s hot and steamy.

The Appetiser – Goat’s Cheese Devils on Horseback

Soft goat’s cheese, dates and bacon – who doesn’t love this combination of creamy, sweet, salty and crispy? Open the dates, fill them with soft cheese (we recommend Abergavenny goat’s cheese) and chives, wrap them with a rasher of thick smoky bacon and grill them in your roasting oven for a few minutes only. Within no time, your Valentine’s Day dinner is off to an excellent start.

The Starter – Sautéed Scallops with Mushrooms and Spinach Sauce

With a five-star rating on BBC Good Food, this scrumptious scallops starter can get anyone in the mood. Use your AGA’s boiling plate to briefly fry the mushrooms and spinach, then sauté the scallops on both sides in butter, salt and pepper. Save the spinach juices and mix them with a knob of butter, pepper, salt and nutmeg to create a delicious sauce, which can be kept warm on the simmering plate whilst the scallops are being sautéed. Arrange the scallops on top of the spinach and mushrooms, then pour the sauce over and present everything at its right temperature. Serving a starter has never been so quick and easy!

The Main – Braised Shoulder of Lamb with Jewelled Stuffing

For a slow-cooked lamb dish so tender that it will melt on your tongues, the simmering oven of your AGA is the ideal solution. In the afternoon, prepare a stuffing of dates, apricots and cranberries, pistachios, shallots, parsley, orange zest and breadcrumbs, then roll it inside the lamb’s meat and brown it on both sides in a lidded, ovenproof pan. Add onions, garlic, cider, orange zest and spices according to the recipe, then cover the pan with crumpled baking parchment and cook for up to three hours in your AGA’s simmering oven, turning it approximately halfway through. The result will be a completely tender lamb’s meat which will make your other half fall in love with you all over again!

The Dessert – Chocolate Soufflé Cake with Armagnac Prunes and Crème Fraiche Sauce

Could there be a more perfect ending to a Valentine’s Day dinner? Even when preparing a full four-course menu, the baking oven of your AGA can be entirely dedicated to just one dish: dessert. With prunes soaked in Armagnac and melted chocolate mixed with whisked egg, create a puffy cake with a springy centre which will delight both of your palates. A sauce of liquidised prunes mixed with crème fraiche will make your final course not only taste delicious, but look stunning as a cherry on top.

The cooking plates and ovens of an AGA make cooking up a romantic meal a quick and effortless affair. With lots of dedicated spaces which do not need pre-heating, you can cook as efficiently as possible so there will be plenty of time for wine-sipping and eye-gazing. If by the end of the night you don’t want to do the cleaning, just enquire about our AGA cleaning services and, before long, we’ll send someone round to make your AGA look all bright and shiny. The perfect end to a perfect night is a carefree one – enjoy your Valentine’s Day dinner in!