What Makes the Perfect Pancake?

By on 8th February 2013 (updated: 10th March 2020) in Cleaning Tips

Shrove Tuesday is almost upon us once again. Throughout Britain, millions of people will be tossing pancakes (some more successfully than others) and smothering them in delicious toppings. From lemon and sugar to ice cream and chocolate sauce, there are plenty of tasty accompaniments to choose from.

So what will you be putting on your pancakes on February 12th?

Everybody has their own preference. Indeed, there can be major differences in opinion within the same household. While some prefer classic choices, such as fresh fruit, juice or sugar, others are a little more experimental.

As in the tradition of French crepes, you can even experiment with sweet and savoury treats. In truth, pancakes are one of the most versatile foods that we have – indeed it’s a shame that only one day is set aside for them each year.

Chopped Fruit

One of the healthiest choices and perfect for a good breakfast or sweet treat on Pancake Day, fruit and pancakes just seem to go together like cheese and wine. Now whether you choose canned or fresh is entirely up to you.

It may be that you prefer a combination of berries or perhaps tinned peaches are more your thing. As with toasties, bananas are also rather nice in a warm pancake wrap. You could even be adventurous and add a sauce or, for the calorific alternative, a healthy dollop of peanut butter.

Savoury Selection

As mentioned, pancakes don’t have to be all saccharine and sweet. If you want to make a real meal out of it, perhaps consider a more substantial, savoury option.

In Russia, for example, many people have a thicker style of pancake which is filled with sour cream and caviar. Perhaps a little rich (in both sense of the word) for most, but if you’re looking to do something a little bit different this year, it’s certainly one to consider.

Ice Cream

Mentioned a little earlier on, but if you like the combination of piping hot pancakes and freezing cold ice cream, then fill your boots. Again, because the pancake isn’t particularly sweet or savoury, it can blend with a wide range of flavours. So whether you enjoy plain vanilla, coffee, toffee or banoffee, then all can work extremely well.

Of course, if you’ve got a real sweet tooth then you may also want to include a range of toppings or sauces. This may be a step too far for some, but for a full sugary, creamy meltdown, it’s difficult to beat.

Fruit Juice and Sugar

Now for a real classic and popular with millions around the UK; sometimes simplicity really is the best option. You can choose a squeeze of lemon, a glug of orange or perhaps a blend of tropical juices, whatever really takes your fancy. Fresh may be best, but out of a carton can be just as good. To sweeten it up, add a sprinkle of sugar.

Again, this is probably one of the more popular options and also offers a reasonable amount of variety for everyone. So while mum might enjoy a mango juice, the kids can have orange – if only all meals were that simple.

But what do you like most?

Is there something that really tickles your taste buds? Perhaps it’s one of the examples mentioned above or a strange concoction that shouldn’t work – but yet somehow does. Will you be going sweet or savoury on February 12th? From marmite and cheese to sticky toffee and cream, almost anything can go when it comes to pancakes.

So share your wild, or perhaps perfectly normal pancake recipes on our Facebook page. Whether it’s something you’ll be having on Shrove Tuesday or just a combination that a friend or family member enjoys (much to your own personal horror), let us know.

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