Why it’s Important to Use Eco-friendly Oven Cleaning Products

At Ovenu, we always ensure that all products we use are eco-friendly and won’t cause damage to the appliance or users. However, this isn’t always the case. Some cleaners can be corrosive, others can be harmful in a variety of other ways. But why is it so important that you ensure that cleaning products are safe to use as well as being eco-friendly?


Well, if you’ve got kids then you’ll probably be all too aware of how many dangers there are around the home. From sharp corners to trip hazards, it’s not easy making sure that they can play safely without risking injury. Try as you might, there will always be something that you miss. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t take all necessary precautions and ensure that risks are kept to an absolute minimum.


One such potential risk is the oven. Not only can it cause burns if left unattended when in use, but it can also be the cause of skin damage if a curious child ventures in to see what’s happening when its being cleaned – or even shortly afterwards.


Some supermarket bought products still contain caustic soda, which is a highly corrosive substance. While it can be effective at shifting grease and grime, it can also be highly damaging for some surfaces and users if it comes into contact with the skin. So if you’re planning to clean your oven during the school holidays, you’d be well advised to check the label of any products you use. Alternatively, you could choose a professional cleaning service to do it all for you.


It’s essential that you check which chemicals are being used in the home, regardless of whether you have children or not. While you can’t avoid cleaning, you can at least make sure that the risks of injury are lessened as much as possible. With eco-friendly products available, it would be a little foolhardy to then opt for an alternative that may well cause more harm than good.


After all, when you’re cleaning an oven, it’s easy to get drips of the chemical on exposed areas of skin or you may accidentally lean on the open door. While you may be wearing gloves, you can’t necessarily provide complete protection for your arms or the rest of your body for that matter. So you can help to avoid any undue discomfort or risk simply by choosing a different cleaning solution. It sounds simple, and it is.


But again, returning to the subject of children, this danger is only going to be amplified with inquisitive hands in the vicinity. Eco-friendly products are better for everybody, including your appliances and the wider world. By still taking risks with caustic soda and similarly toxic materials, you are only likely to cause further damage without any significant benefits.