Why Schools Really Need to Consider Oven Cleaning Services?

Even in this age of austerity, where educational budgets are being slashed, there are still certain jobs that need to be done within schools. The cleaning of ovens is one such example. Leaving appliances to accumulate grease, spillages and other grimy substances can be damaging to both the effectiveness of the cooker and the health of users. So whilst cuts may need to be made to spending, this shouldn’t be to the detriment of hygiene.

In primary and secondary schools throughout the country, millions of students are honing their cookery skills in home economics classes. With the ovens being used once or even twice a day, they can become overloaded with muck in no time at all. Whilst most schools will look to carry out spot cleans to clear surface debris, this won’t always eradicate all of the spillages and largely unseen build-up. Over time this is only likely to worsen, which is why having ovens cleaned professionally can really provide major benefits.

Whist education is clearly top of any school’s agenda, the safety and health of students is a very close second. A dirty oven won’t necessarily be a source of widespread contamination, but as part of a preparation area, it has the potential to contaminate any food. This risk is only going to be heightened as time goes by and the problem is allowed to build.

For instance, imagine how bacteria can form and spread during the warm summer months when ovens will be out of use. This is the perfect environment for them to really thrive, meaning that the appliances could be filthy by the time they return from holidays in the autumn. As such, it is at this time of year that schools really ought to be giving serious thoughts to having all ovens, including those in canteen kitchens and classrooms, cleaned thoroughly and professionally.

All educational establishments need to adhere to hygiene and comply with government legislation relating to health and safety. This is why most employ a team of cleaners to give the classrooms a thorough clean once every evening. However, this won’t always include more specialist areas, such as the ovens. Now this certainly isn’t the fault of the staff, however it is an oversight that needs to be addressed otherwise you could be doing more than simply risking the health of the appliances.

With students away for almost two months, the summer holiday presents the perfect opportunity for schools to carry out refurbishments, redecorating and a thorough clean from top to bottom. If you’re unable to do the ovens at this time as you don’t have the staff available, then this shouldn’t be used as an excuse to ignore it entirely. Cleanliness is next to godliness, so don’t leave appliances unattended and building up with bacteria. Bring in skilled cleaners who can remove all of the grease and grime without any of the hassle.

This will help any school or college to maintain the highest standards in all departments and ensure that it is a safe environment for students to learn.