Why the Summer Months are a Good Time to Clean Your Oven

As we all know, having a dirty oven with ground in grease and grime is rarely a pleasant sight. After use, you will often find that all of this debris creates more smoke than usual and can often result in an unpleasant smell. In the summer months, when your kitchen is naturally warmer, this can become increasingly unbearable throughout the day.

Whilst cleaning an oven takes a fair amount of elbow grease and requires a little waiting around, it’s important that you don’t put it off any longer than necessary. For both hygiene and functionality reasons, summer presents the perfect time to spruce up your cooker and wipe away all of that nasty grime.

Homes are generally heated throughout the year, particularly during the evenings and occasionally in the day when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Whilst temperatures rarely soar in Britain, even during the peak of summer, it is consistently warmer. Again, as mentioned previously, this creates the perfect environment for germs to spread. With leftover food and other spillages on the hob and within the oven itself, this can become home to millions of microscopic and potentially harmful bacteria.

Therefore, it is extremely important that you take time to wipe down surfaces after preparing a meal, just as you would do with dishes and cutlery. However, even when you manage to remove the visible dirt, some bits can still be left behind. Over time these can build up and create the rather unpleasant scene described at the beginning of this blog post. It is for this reason that it is recommended that all homeowners and tenants ensure that their oven is fully cleaned, including all surfaces and trays with reasonable regularity.

If you walk into the kitchen and are met with an old food odour, then the time is probably right to do something about it. As we’ve covered, heat is certainly a contributing factor when it comes to building up and distributing the smell of greasy spillages within the oven, making summer primetime for a far from pleasant pong in the kitchen.

Cleaning an oven isn’t always the prettiest or quickest of jobs. It will usually require the usage of some chemicals, which will strip away the grease without damaging the surface. On a hot day in July, this might not be top of your list of preferred activities, but that doesn’t mean it should be ignored entirely.

Unsurprisingly, we receive a lot of requests for our oven cleaning services at this time of year; with many people realising that it needs to be valeted, but would rather someone else took care of it on their behalf. This includes landlords, exiting tenants, schools and homeowners. Everyone wants a fully working appliance and most would like to ensure that their kitchen remains bacteria and smell free when preparing food, which is why calling in the experts to get things spick-and-span once more is no bad idea. It’s an easy solution to a major inconvenience.