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The Number One Hob Cleaning Service

The shine that once gleamed from your hob can fade faster than the time it takes your food to cook. and it wouldn’t matter so much if all this wasn’t incredibly difficult to remove. However, you can waste hours scrubbing away at those stains but no matter how hard you try, your hob may never seem to look as good as it used to.

We are a specialist hob cleaning service, offering deep cleaning to restore your hob to ‘like new’ condition.

That’s where Ovenu can help.

Specialised Oven Hob Cleaning Services

Our specialised hob cleaning service is the ideal solution to restore your oven to ‘like new’ condition. All our skilled technicians are fully trained to valet all makes and models of kitchen cooking appliances, including hobs, extractor hoods and microwave ovens.

When you contact Ovenu for your free hob cleaning quotation, our knowledgeable and friendly experts will ask you a series of questions. This will help them gather the necessary details and determine the type of appliance you need to be cleaned, so that they can provide you with a firm quote. This way, no matter what kind of oven you have, our technicians will be ready to perform at their very best.


Gas hob cleaningIf your oven is ‘built-in’ there will generally be a separate hob that sits on the worktop. Our bespoke cleaning products will produce superb results on all hob types including gas, electric, ceramic and halogen.

So whether it’s because of the grimy rings around your hob plates or the stained components of your gas hob, if you want your appliance to look spotlessly clean, why not ask for your hob to be included in our all-inclusive quotation?



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Our Hob Cleaning Process

A local cleaning technician will arrive at your home at a time arranged with you during the booking process. They will inspect your hob to make sure there is nothing unexpected for them to deal with. Once they are happy, they will begin to clean.

Dismantling and soaking
First of all, they will remove any detachable parts, including grates, burners, splash guards, and dials. These are taken out to their mobile cleaning van, where they will soak in our unique stainless-steel dipping tank filled with our own proprietary cleaning products.

Deep cleaning your hob
While those items are soaking, your cleaning technician will set about the rest of the hob range, degreasing and cleaning all the caked-on grease and grime.

Reassembling and restoring
With the deep clean done, your detachable parts should be sufficiently soaked. Your technician will remove them from the tanks, rinsing, wiping, and drying them before reassembling the hob unit. They will give the hob range a quick wipe down and a polish to get it looking gleaming once again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s everything you need to know about hob cleaning:

How long does a professional hob cleaning take?

It largely depends on how large the hob range is (a six-burner hob will take longer than a four-burner hob, for instance) but also how dirty it is.

When you book your appointment, your cleaning technician will ask for photos of the hob area so they can give a realistic estimate of the timeframe. For most normal kitchens, we would expect to complete the job in 1–3 hours.

How much does professional hob cleaning cost?

Again, it depends on how large the hob is and how long the job is likely to take since our costs are based on the time spent cleaning. Once your cleaning technician has seen the hob for themselves (either up-front or in picture form), they will be able to give you an accurate, no-obligation quote for the job.

In the case of hobs, the cost will vary depending on the fuel type i.e. gas or electric. For gas, the cost will depend on how many burners there are. For electric, is the hob ceramic, halogen, induction or more traditional with raised hotplates? The best way to get a 100% accurate quote is to submit an image with your enquiry

If a gas hob just needs the pan supports and burner caps rejuvenating, we're happy to do that too!

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with bespoke pricing meaning you will only ever pay a fair price for our services. To determine what we will charge, we consider elements such as the size of your oven and how many other items you’d like us to clean. Find out more by reading our Pricing Policy. For a quick, 100% accurate quote, be sure to upload a couple of images when you enquire using the form on this page.

Why should you pay for professional hob cleaning?

Most hobs are used on a daily basis, and it shows. Of all the cooking appliances, it’s the humble hob that takes the lion’s share of dirt, grease, and grime. From hot fat spitting out of frying pans to starchy pasta water bubbling over saucepans to drips and dribbles from various cooking utensils, it’s no wonder it ends up a mess.

All that food, grease, and grime can breed bacteria, which can pose a serious health and safety risk, particularly in the kitchen. It can also attract insects, mice, and other vermin because it is easier to access than an enclosed oven. If allowed to build up over the burners or the vents at the back of the hob range, they can also be a potential fire risk.

While cleaning a stovetop may seem easy, it can be a time-consuming process. Without the right tools and experience, you can face serious problems getting into all the little crevices that make up the average hob range.

Fortunately, there is a solution. With a professional hob cleaning service from Ovenu, you can sit back and relax while our technicians do all the hard work, safe in the knowledge that they will deliver incredible results you can be proud of.

How often should you get your hob professionally cleaned?

How often you should have your hob professionally cleaned depends on how often you use it and, frankly, how messy you are when you do so. If you’re only using your hob 2-3 times a week, then an annual clean is probably enough. Most of us use our hobs more often than that—daily at least, and often more. That’s why we recommend a six-monthly deep clean in most instances.

How can you maintain your hob after a professional clean?

Most hobs are used on a daily basis, often several times a day, with several burners or elements on the go. It’s no wonder that part of the cooker needs the most attention. Once you’ve seen your hob clean and sparkling, you don’t want it to revert to its former dingy and grimy state. While a buildup of food, grease, and dirt is only to be expected, there are certain things you can do to slow the process down.

Start by cleaning up any spills as soon as it is safe to do so. Accidents happen, food and liquids get spilled, pans overflow—there’s nothing you can do about that. Most spillages are easy enough to wipe away with a damp cloth, so long as you do so before they dry out and settle into the hob surface.

Wipe down the hob after each use. Even if it looks clean, invisible particles of fat and food will end up on your stove after most cooking experiences. Don’t give them the opportunity to build up. Wipe the hob (including the grates, burners, and elements) once they have cooled down, using a degreaser spray or warm, soapy water.

Give the hob range a regular polish. Most hob ranges are made of metal, which is not only a perfect space for grime to accumulate but can look increasingly dull if left to its own devices. A quick wash down with soapy water and a polish with a dry cloth will leave your hob range sparkling clean at all times.

How do you book a professional hob cleaning?

The simplest way to book a deep cleaning of your hob is to fill in the contact form you can see on this page. Once we have received your enquiry, a local cleaning technician in your area will contact you to discuss your requirements and request some photographs of the hob in question.

With this information in hand, they will be able to give you an accurate estimate of how long the cleaning process will take, as well as a free, no-obligation quote for the job. Once you agree on the price, they will arrange a time and date for the cleaning that is convenient for you.

What cleaning products do you use to clean hobs?

Here at Ovenu, we have our own range of proprietary cleaning products that we use at every hob cleaning appointment. All Ovenu products are guaranteed to be free of caustic soda and have been approved by the Vitreous Enamel Association.

These products include Ovenu Tank Mix Powder Oven Cleaner, Ovenu Liquid Degreaser, Ovenu Carbon Remover Oven Cleaner, and Ovenu Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish.