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Our oven cleaning franchise offers you the most practical, professional and profitable way to succeed in the oven cleaning business.

Ovenu is a tried, tested and trusted oven cleaning franchise that has helped build hugely successful oven cleaning businesses that regularly report profits of far exceeding £60,000 per year.

Over 250 people in the UK have launched their oven cleaning businesses with our help & support since 1994, not to mention dozens more in Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

Why Choose Ovenu?

  • Get a head start against local competitors with a proven business model.

  • ln-depth training puts you leagues ahead of an independent start-up.

  • Industry-leading marketing support keeps you ahead of the curve.

  • Build a regular client base faster with a nationally recognised brand.

The Complete Franchise Package

  • Fully branded workwear and proprietary cleaning equipment.
  • Professional sign-writing and fitting out of your vehicle.
  • Complete web presence including SEO, Social Media and PR.
  • 5-day training course including real client experience.
  • Exclusive territory with a minimum of 30,000 viable households.
  • Booking and review systems to manage and grow your business.
  • Ovenu finished in the top 7 in the Elite Franchise Top 100 Awards 2021.
  • Ovenu were a finalist for the Franchise Business Award, for Amazon's Scale-Up Awards.
  • Ovenu are partners with Trustist, a review platform for all of our local franchises.

With over 40,000 five-star reviews garnered over the years – you’ll be joining a winning team of oven cleaning professionals and the most experienced support network dedicated to making your locally based business an outstanding success.

What support can you expect from us?

No other competing franchise offers business support on this level.

Drawing on decades of combined experience, the Ovenu business team is always on-hand to offer fledgling and veteran franchisees valuable support.

We’re a non-PLC business, meaning we can respond quickly to industry changes and franchisee feedback without the need for board approval.

Ovenu represents a corporate exterior with family at the heart. We operate a fast-paced, responsive franchise business that appreciates the importance of a work-life balance.

Key Personnel

  • Rik HellewellFounder and Managing Director
  • Sue HellewellHead Office Support
  • Shannon MartinSocial Media Manager
  • Vikki OpenshawHead Office Support
  • Ken RostronFranchise Consultant
  • Andrew DouglasPR Consultant
  • Liam PattonDigital Marketing Consultant

As part of your investment, you’ll also receive:

  • 1 day of business and technology coaching.

  • 4 days of working on real jobs and in our training centre.

  • New business leads sent directly to your inbox via our website.

  • Access to Whatsapp groups for technical and community support.

  • Operations manual complete with everything you need to know.

  • Proprietary business software to manage all your jobs.

See what our Franchisees have to say about our unrivalled business support.

Why choose a franchise over going independent?


  • Plug-in to a nationally recognised brand

  • Proven business model and practices

  • Expert marketing support included

  • Leads delivered to your inbox from day 1

  • Work for yourself, but not by yourself


  • Start at square one with zero guidance

  • Trial and error for years to find success

  • Lose time and money on DIY approach

  • Grind for years to get a steady flow of jobs

  • Work for yourself with no support system

What are the costs?

All businesses have expenses and overheads and we're no exception. However, we guarantee that our monthly fees offer the best value anywhere in our industry sector.

One-off investment
£12,400+ VAT
Complete franchise package including 5-day training, workwear, CRM and van fit out
Franchise management fees
Management software and ongoing business support
Monthly National marketing contribution
Website development, digital marketing, social media and PR

Your van, fuel, insurances and local advertising also need to be accounted for. These expenses vary from area to area, and from one franchisee to another.

Our Franchise Package

How much can you earn?

Over £50,000 per year in profits.

  • Running a local Ovenu franchise can be extremely rewarding with a good level of profit in the early years, and year on year growth as customers return annually.

  • Our average order value across the UK is just over £100. Franchisees doing a couple of jobs a day are turning over £1,000, working a 5 day week.

  • Franchisees looking for a higher turnover do an extra 2 to 5 jobs a week to bring their earnings up to the £1,500 mark.

  • Territories that have decided to expand by putting an extra van on the road regularly undertake 25-30 jobs a week!

What your first 3 years could look like

How to become a franchisee

  • 1

    Check if your area is available now or may be in the near future.

  • 2

    Fill in our Application Questionnaire, we’ll respond to any questions you have.

  • 3

    Come and meet us to get an idea of how it all works.

  • 4

    Complete your due diligence, check all business documents and risk assessments.

  • 5

    Sign on the dotted line and get started straight away!

Is your area available?

Type your postcode to see if your area is available.

No Experience required!

Oven Cleaning Franchise FAQs

Is oven cleaning a profitable business?

Oven cleaning is a profitable business when done correctly. Like any other business, it’s important that the correct processes are in place in order to ensure that new clients are acquired and successfully converted into satisfied customers that return year after year. Most importantly, the quality of work must be consistently high in order for the business to become profitable.

How much does an oven cleaner earn?

Many oven cleaners have earned well over £60,000 per year whilst owning a franchise with us. Making this kind of money as an oven cleaner is a realistic expectation, but don’t underestimate the hard work and resilience that is required to do so. All our franchisees have the opportunity to earn this kind of money with their businesses.

Is a cleaning franchise a good investment?

A cleaning franchise is a good investment for a range of people who are up to the task of running their own business. Your investment pays for the tools, training and support from the franchisor, but you are still required to put in the time and effort to make your business a success and reap the rewards of that initial investment.

How much does a cleaning franchise cost?

Our cleaning franchise costs £12,400 + VAT for a Foundation Franchise Opportunity which includes a territory of over 30,000 homes. The Foundation Plus package starts at £17,450 + VAT (60,001 – 100,000 homes).

Is professional oven cleaning worth it?

Professional oven cleaning is worth it for those people who are capable of managing their own diary and getting their hands dirty on a daily basis. The initial investment is small, especially when compared to other franchise opportunities, and can provide you with a profitable business that you can reap the dividends from for years to come.

What do professional oven cleaners use to clean ovens?

Professional oven cleaners use patented oven cleaning products, tools and equipment to valet ovens efficiently. Our franchisees are given access to tried and tested methods that get the job done in the most effective means possible, giving them a clear advantage over competitors who don’t have the same infrastructure to rely on.

What do I need to start an oven cleaning business?

You’ll need a certain amount of investment capital to start your oven cleaning business with us, as well as the time and commitment to learn your new trade. No prior experience is required. We can provide everything you need to get your oven cleaning business started, including training, equipment, marketing, and on-going support.

Is experience necessary to start an oven cleaning franchise?

No experience is necessary to start an oven cleaning franchise with Ovenu. Our franchisees come from all walks of life with many having no prior experience running a business. All our franchisees are given in-depth training in our systems so that they have complete confidence in their skills before hitting the road for the first time.

Is there an Ovenu franchise territory available near me?

Find out if an Ovenu franchise territory is available near you by entering your postcode using the menu at the top of this page. Alternatively, send us a message using the contact form on this page. We’ll be in touch with details about what your options are for starting a franchise with us.

Do oven cleaning franchise owners have to work?

Most oven cleaning franchise owners take a hands-on approach, at least initially. All Ovenu franchisees are given in-depth training so that they have the skills and experience to take their oven cleaning franchise from a fledgling business to a multi-van setup.

Over the years, we’ve had franchisees who have been successful enough with their initial franchise to be able to buy new territories and take a step back to manage from a strategic level.

How long does it take to train as an oven cleaner?

Our oven cleaning training course takes 5 days. This includes 1 day dedicated to managing the business, followed by 2 days spent at our in-house training facility. The final 2 days of training take you into real clients’ homes, giving you the opportunity to gain valuable on-the-job experience before launching your own business.

What is included in the price of an oven cleaning franchise?

Our oven cleaning franchise package includes our industry-leading five-day training course, as well as all the tools and equipment you’ll need to get started. You’ll continue to benefit from ongoing support throughout your journey with Ovenu, this includes access to our exclusive oven cleaner forum and innovative digital marketing strategies.

What do current Ovenu franchisees have to say about the business?

Over 100 Ovenu franchisees work throughout the UK, each of which have been able to use their training and our patented systems to build a profitable business that they can scale at their own pace. Read their testimonials to find out what they have to say about starting an oven cleaning franchise with Ovenu.

Is it possible to buy an established oven cleaning franchise from a retiring franchisee?

On occasions, oven cleaning franchises are available for resale. Successful franchisees are often able to sell on their franchise territory, this would typically include all their cleaning equipment, as well as their database of clients. Franchisees buying resales get access to the same training and support as those buying a new territory.