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The Recommended Range Oven Cleaning Service

Quality Range Oven Cleaning of all makes and models including Lacanche, Rangemaster and BritanniaWhen it comes to cleaning and properly maintaining your Range oven, it can take a lot of hard work. Continuous use can leave it with hard-to-remove grease stains and burnt-on fat in tough-to-reach places. Range-style ovens aren’t exactly small either and without prior knowledge of their intricate pieces, cleaning one by yourself could prove an incredibly difficult and laborious task.

Each Ovenu technician strives to restore your range cooker to ‘showroom’ condition. In fact, our range cleaning service is so good that it comes highly recommended by Lacanche and referred by Britannia, two of the biggest names in premium kitchen appliances.

We’re also trusted by thousands of people across the UK to deliver amazingly clean results. Just take a look at any one of the many glowing testimonials each of our technicians receives.

Each of our local technicians come ready with our bespoke eco-friendly, VEA approved cleaning products. These are good for your Range cooker as well as the environment. Our unique products have been proven to produce fantastic results with all kinds of Range style ovens including Smeg, DeLonghi and others.

Our Ovenu Experts are Here to Help

Our friendly local technicians are all ISO 9001:2000 certified and fully insured, meaning they’re highly-trained experts at what they do and your oven is in safe hands.

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Using our own unique cleaning products, our Ovenu technicians will provide your appliance with a clean unlike any other. You’ll be stunned to see just how clean your range cooker can be.

Thousands of satisfied customers already trust us when it comes to restoring their range oven to a pristine clean condition. Why not see the results for yourself?

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Our Range Cooker Cleaning Process 

  1. Arrival on pre-booked appointment – Our professional range cooker technician will arrive at your home at a pre-arranged time to inspect your appliance and prepare it for cleaning. Domestic Oven Cleaning
  2. Dismantle and soak – They’ll dismantle any removable parts from the range cooker, and take these out to their van where they will be soaked in our unique stainless-steel dipping tank with Ovenu proprietary cleaning products. 
  3. Then the magic happens – Whilst these parts are soaking, our technician will go to work removing the carbon build-up and detritus from the cooker. Once the removable parts have finished soaking, our technician will wipe them down, and then reassemble the range cooker. 

Fully restored – Finally, the entire cooker is given a final polish to ensure that it is back to its gleaming best, ready for you to cook with it once more.

Let Ovenu Take Over

Ovenu recognise how taxing the oven cleaning process can be for you, that’s why we’ve developed our high-quality professional Range style oven cleaning service. Unlike other oven cleaning services, our local oven cleaning franchise owners have been highly trained to ISO 9001 standards, meaning they all come equipped with the knowledge and expertise to leave your Range-style oven looking spotless.

We understand the investment you’ve made in buying a Range cooker and our friendly expert oven-cleaning technicians are natural perfectionists and will make sure your Range cooker is cleaned with the utmost care and attention to detail.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about our AGA oven cleaning service below:

How long does a professional range style oven cleaning take?

Range-style cooker sizes vary a great deal depending on their make and model, and because of this so will the time taken to complete our extensive cleaning process.

A professional range cooker cleaning typically takes between 2-4 hours, however the total time taken will always depend on the size of your range cooker and the level of dirt and grime that has built up on the appliance.

How much does a professional range style oven cleaning cost?

The costs of a professional range cooker clean will depend on the time that your expert estimates it will take to complete the job. After your initial enquiry, your local range cooker cleaning expert will get in touch with a free quote, so you know exactly how much you’ll be charged on the day.

Oven pricing takes into account the configuration i.e. how many doors the oven has and if it is a grill, oven or combination of both inside the door! We pride ourselves on providing our customers with bespoke pricing meaning you will only ever pay a fair price for our services. To determine what we will charge, we consider elements such as the size of your oven and how many other items you’d like us to clean. For a quick, 100% accurate quote, be sure to upload a couple of images when you enquire using the form on this page.

Why should you pay for a professional range style oven cleaning?

Your range cooker is at the heart of your kitchen, they also provide a unique talking point for visitors. As dirt and grease builds up on your range cooker, you’ll notice smoke building up in your kitchen and your cooker not looking quite as appealing as it was before.

Ovenu recognises how taxing the oven cleaning process can be for you, that’s why we’ve developed our high-quality professional range style oven cleaning service.

You might spend a whole day slaving away trying to clean your cooker, only to find you’ve left smears all over the outside and the inside still has built-up carbon deposits that you can’t reach to remove. Let’s not even mention the potential mess you might make whilst you clean!

Our range cooker cleaning service takes the hassle off your hands and puts it firmly in the hands of trained professionals. Our technicians know how to swiftly and tidily dismantle and thoroughly clean range cookers of all models. All you need to do is open the front door and we can take care of the rest.

How often should you get your range-style oven professionally cleaned?

Just because you can’t see the dirt doesn’t mean it’s not there, building up in the background. This is why our technicians endeavour to thoroughly valet every range cooker inside and out. Depending on how much you use your range cooker, it’s a good idea to schedule a professional clean at least once a year.

Regardless of how clean of a cook you might be, you’ll never be able to prevent the slow build-up of grease and dirt over the course of 12 months. If your range cooker is in heavy use every day, then it's likely that you’ll need a professional clean at least twice a year. Our technicians do all the dirty work so you don’t have to, and after the job is done, we make sure that we don’t leave any mess behind.

How can you maintain your range style oven after your professional clean?

Once you’ve had your range cooker professionally cleaned you’ll likely be much more inclined to keep it looking its best. There are a few things that you can do to ensure that your oven stays gleaming:

Stay on top of spills as they happen. There really is no time like the present when it comes to keeping your range cooker clean! Make sure to always have a cloth on hand when you're cleaning, so that you can tackle any drips and spills before they harden.
Wipe down the interior of your oven after each use. It might be hard to motivate yourself to wipe down your oven after you’ve finished your dinner - however, this is the best way to keep the interior of your oven as clean as possible between professional cleans.
Keep the exterior gleaming with regular polishes. Once our experts have restored your oven to its shiny best, you’ll be able to sustain this level of polish by simply wiping it down with soapy water and buffing it with a dry cloth each day.

What cleaning products do you use to clean range cookers?

All of our cleaning products are free from caustic soda and are approved by the Vitreous Enamel Association.

The proprietary products that we use include our Ovenu Tank Mix Powder Oven Cleaner, Ovenu Liquid De-Greaser, Ovenu Carbon Remover Oven Cleaner and Ovenu Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish.

How do you book a professional range style oven cleaning?

Book a professional range style oven clean today with one of our trained technicians by filling in the form on this page.

One of our local technicians will get back to you as soon as possible with a quote based on any images you provide of your oven.

If you’re happy with the price, then our technician will arrange a date and time that’s best for them to visit your home.